10 Not-So-Scary Halloween Decorations to Make With Your Kids

We never really celebrated Halloween in my family when I was a kid. Which is probably a good thing because I have always been easily scared and scary images stick with me. I was an only child, and as most only children I had a very vivid imagination. I can still remember nightmares I had as a kid. It’s that bad, ya’ll. So as I think of what Halloween traditions we will do with our son as he grows, I am inspired by these festive but not-so-scary ideas. Click through for 10 Halloween decorations you can make with your kids that won’t be so scary…

  • 10 Not-So-Scary DIY Halloween Decorations

    10 Not-So-Scary DIY Halloween Decorations

    Click through for a roundup of fun and festive decorations for Halloween that you can make with your kids!

  • Chalkboard pumpkins

    Chalkboard pumpkins

    Chalkboard paint is so fun and easy. The black makes it a great fit for Halloween naturally. You can let your kids write messages to trick-or-treaters. And the best part is, you can change it up whenever you want.
    Tutorial via Rachel Ray

  • Glowing Ghosts and Black Cats Garlands

    Glowing Ghosts and Black Cats Garlands

    I LOVE these DIY garlands with glowing eyes. They would look fantastic lighting up your porch or doorway. With an easy step-by-step tutorial and simple supplies, this is a fun project for any family.
    Tutorial by My Cakies

  • Cute

    Cute "Floating" Mini Ghosts

    These little ghosts are anything but ghoulish. You could make a bunch with your kids one rainy afternoon to hang throughout your house or in the trees and bushes outside.
    Tutorial by Country Living

  • Glowing Mummy Mason Luminary

    Glowing Mummy Mason Luminary

    Mason jars are so very versatile, aren’t they? These little glowing mummy jars would be a cute way to light up the walkway to your door on Halloween night without much fright.
    Tutorial by Celebrations

  • Googly Peek-a-boo Pumpkins

    Googly Peek-a-boo Pumpkins

    How fun are these little googly-eyed pumpkins. This DIY is as easy as sticking googly eyes on mini pumpkins and you can use them as decorations all throughout your house, or for a Halloween inspired centerpiece.
    Tutorial by HGTV

  • Shadows of a Family

    Shadows of a Family

    This is a fun Halloween craft to do as a family since it features the shadowy silhouettes of each member. Kids will have fun seeing their own profiles on the pumpkins. You can use black craft paper to do this easily.
    Tutorial by HGTV

  • Jack-O-Lantern Paper Lanterns

    Jack-O-Lantern Paper Lanterns

    Have your kids color in jack-o-lantern faces and other Halloween shapes on plain white paper lanterns for a fun and glow-y decoration once the sun goes down.
    Tutorial via HGTV

  • Simple Knotted Halloween Wreath

    Simple Knotted Halloween Wreath

    I love these knotted crafts. You can cut all the fabric and then enlist your kiddos to tie all the pieces onto the wreath. It’s a pretty, festive, and not-at-all scary way to welcome visitors to your door this season.
    Tutorial via The Long Thread

  • Not-So-Scary Monster Garland

    Not-So-Scary Monster Garland

    This simple DIY tutorial shows you how you and your kids can make a fun Halloween “monster” garland to decorate your mantle or any space in your home.
    Tutorial via A Vegas Girl at Heart

  • Handpainted Halloween Doormat

    Handpainted Halloween Doormat

    Here are instructions for making your own Halloween doormat. You can write any message you’d like on it. I especially love the little plastic snake as an added touch.
    Tutorial via Celebrations


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