10 Months!

Last week Beck turned 10 months old and with that came a lot more moving. And eating. And talking. And just a tad more hair. At least once every day I look at him and see a little boy and then I well up. Just like every mom I’ve ever met, I can constantly be overheard saying, “It goes so fast!” or “How did you get so big?!”

Here’s a little more about Beck in his 10th month:



10 month old baby
– around 19 pounds, 28 1/2 in
– becomes more efficient in scooting on his bum daily
– his favorite new food is peanut butter on bread
– learned how to open the sliding shower door and likes to visit while you’re showering
– just got his first molar
– mesmerized by Kelly Clarkson’s song Stronger
– we constantly have to check if it’s food or something inedible in his mouth
– cries when dad leaves in the morning, doesn’t want anything to do with mom when he returns at night
– still so pleasant and has a perfectly circular face

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