Insider Report: 10 Tips Real Dads Want You To Know

Whether you are a seasoned baby pro or new to the parenting scene, it’s always nice to hear from those trailblazers who have traveled the road ahead of you. I asked men ranging from brand new dads to great grandpas to share their best fatherly advice with you. Here’s what they had to say…


father and son

Kyle: “I had a hard time at first whenever I watched our daughter by myself. I always felt like she would fuss more for me than my wife. Now, after I have spent more time one-on-one with her, we have formed a bond and I can figure out what she wants before she has to demand it. So… don’t get discouraged if you don’t bond as fast as your wife with your baby. I also found that playing video games while your baby is strapped to you doesn’t really work that well either.”

Gabriel: “I just want to say that couples with a new baby must be patient with each other. Learn to be patient with each other and instead of getting anxious as to who’s turn it is to hold the baby — work with each other so both can enjoy the gift of being a parent.”

Levi: “Your child will mimic you both in the decisions you make and the actions you take; remember this as long as you are a parent.”

Justin: “Dads, when you get home from work, you are not off the clock. Mom’s been hard at work all day too. Now you get to work together as a family until the kids are in bed. Then you rest.”

Ezekiel: “Man up and change the poop diapers.”

Matt: “My #1 Tip… find the ‘Happiest Baby on the Block’ DVD and watch it BEFORE your child is born. It is basically baby magic.”

Grandpa John: “Take lots of pictures.”

Josh: “Women need to understand that men really want to be a part of the process and feel included in the pregnancy. Men, do anything and everything you can to be a part of the baby preparation process. i.e. setting up the nursery, picking out carseats, getting excited about clothes, etc. Oh, and read everything you possibly can about what happens during pregnancy and infancy.”

Mark: “You may think that you don’t look beautiful but let me tell you, there is nothing in the world more beautiful than the woman you love holding your child.”

Grandpa Bill“The only thing that’s constant is change.”

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