10 Funny Things You Find Yourself Doing Now That You’re A Mom (or Dad)

It goes without saying that life changes after you have kids.  Within minutes of them placing that baby in your arms, things and feelings within you start to change.  The protective momma-bear instinct is ignited, the heightened senses that allow you to wake from a sound sleep, at the faintest sound of your baby’s cry.  But what was most interesting to me, were the funny quirks and habits that I inevitably picked up once I became a mother.  Even years after having my last child, when my third was born there were instincts and habits and behaviors that started right back up again.  Here are some of the funny things I find myself doing as a mom, and many of them are things my husband can relate with too. 

  • The Phantom Cry

    The Phantom Cry

    Once I had children, my sense of hearing became super heightened, especially to their cries. It became so intense though, that I often hear a phantom cry; that is I can swear I hear the baby crying, but it usually ends up being a bird or a kid playing down the street. I guess it keeps us on our toes so that we are prepared for the real thing.

  • The Solo Drive In The Carpool Lane

    The Solo Drive In The Carpool Lane

    More than once I’ve found myself pull into the carpool lane and drive a few miles before I realize, wait, I’m all by myself! Here in California carpool violations like that are a $350 ticket. I often wonder if the police officer would buy my excuse of forgetting I was actually alone in the car, since I usually have a child with me 99% of the time!

  • A Sudden Case Of Narcolepsy

    A Sudden Case Of Narcolepsy

    Once you have a child, and especially during their first year of life, you find that you have developed an acute case of narcolepsy. The ability to fall asleep mid conversation, and at a moment’s notice is quite strong. Where you may have once been plagued by bouts of insomnia, you are now so exhausted that you will and can sleep any time and any where, as evidenced by my husband here easily falling asleep in my hospital bed.

  • A Love For Kid's Music

    A Love For Kid's Music

    Another thing I often find myself doing in the car, is accidentally listening to the kid’s CD’s while alone. Often I’ll be driving along for 20 minutes before I realize that I’ve been listening to the Wiggles sing about cold spaghetti. I often catch myself even humming along.

  • The Food Habits Of A Toddler

    The Food Habits Of A Toddler

    Maybe it’s just me, but once I became a mom, I also became a lot less picky about my food and snacks, and was prone to find myself eating a PB&J along with the kids instead of taking the time (or mess) to make myself something different. Sure I still cook plenty of grown up meals, but when you’re tired and in a hurry, kid’s food is sometimes a welcome option, and can easily be scarfed down with one hand!

  • Why Are You Swaying Like That?

    Why Are You Swaying Like That?

    The majority of babies love movement, so quickly after becoming a mom you are auto programmed to sway and bounce and rock back and forth if you have a baby in your arms. Before too long, you find yourself swaying and rocking even when you aren’t holding your baby. Even funnier is when you hand your baby off to someone to hold, you’ll often sway back and forth while talking to the person holding your baby.

  • Stop Pushing The Cart

    Stop Pushing The Cart

    This doesn’t happen quite as often, but the other day I did catch myself pushing the shopping cart back and forth a bit, as I was standing in front of the cheese aisle trying to make a decision. I’m so programmed to keep the stroller moving, that I automatically think it’s my motherly duty to keep all things with wheels moving, even grocery carts.

  • You Become Quite Silly

    You Become Quite Silly

    You need to keep a sense of humor as a parent, and you definitely can’t take yourself so seriously, so you find yourself doing silly things, like taking funny pictures, or eating their foods, and even adopting their language. I used to fight it, but now I embrace it, and proudly announce my departure to the ladies room by stating that “I have to go potty.”

  • Pat, Pat, Pat

    Pat, Pat, Pat

    Now this is something I didn’t even realize I did, but my husband brought it to my attention. Apparently I have gotten into the habit of not just patting our baby’s back, who loves a good back patting to be put to sleep, but I’ve also begun patting the rest of my family’s backs. My other two older kids, and even my husband can’t escape my motherly instinct to draw upon the back patting to calm and soothe. My husband says he doesn’t mind it, but it is a little strange if I also start shushing him.

  • Wipes Are The Magical Cure All

    Wipes Are The Magical Cure All

    Baby wipes aren’t just for diaper duty anymore. Most modern moms have found that baby wipes are like magic and work to wipe up just about any mess. From a baby’s bum, to spit up on furniture, to getting marker stains out of clothes, I find great success in the liberal use of the baby wipes!

So what are some funny and interesting quirks you adopted after becoming a parent?  Were any of them the same as mine, or did you adopt a whole new set of quirkiness?

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