10 DIY Holiday Decorations Kids Will Love to Make!

When I was a kid, I LOVED arts and crafts. It’s not really a secret that I still enjoy it. I made all of our holiday cards this year. And I made a card holder to show off the ones our friends and family send us. And as soon as our son is big enough, I’m so excited to make fun holiday decor arts and crafts like these with him!

  • DIY Scrap Paper

    DIY Scrap Paper "Trees"

    Are you a crafting mama? Do you have tons of scrap paper laying around? Use it up with this fun tutorial to make eclectic and colorful “trees”. Click the link below for the tutorial.
    All Day DIY

  • Gumdrop Garland

    Gumdrop Garland

    Kids will love making these candy garlands to decorate the tree (or anything else). Find colorful gummy candies to make it easy for little hands to grasp. See the full tutorial via the link below.
    Martha Stewart

  • DIY Peppermint Trees

    DIY Peppermint Trees

    Starburst peppermints are great for all kinds of simple ornament projects. Just add a hot glue gun and a bit of ribbon. But if you want more detailed instructions click the link below for the full tutorial.
    Better Homes & Gardens

  • Leave Your Mark

    Leave Your Mark

    This is such an easy but visually adorable DIY. Simply print or draw the basic lines and let kids use their fingerprints to “decorate” the tree. For the full DIY click the link below.
    Andor Blog

  • Give Them A Hand!

    Give Them A Hand!

    This tutorial would be a great keepsake to remember how small your kiddos hands were when they were wee ones. Click the link below for the tutorial.
    Easy Preeschool Craft

  • Let it Snow!

    Let it Snow!

    Use popsicle sticks painted white to create beautiful snowflake decorations perfect for your front doorway! See the full tutorial via the link below.
    The Diary of Dave’s Wife

  • DIY Holiday Party Lanterns

    DIY Holiday Party Lanterns

    Stamp holiday colored stars all over paper lanterns for a festive glow. You can even make your own stamps out of simple kitchen sponges. Click the link below for a full tutorial.
    Learn With Play At Home

  • An Untraditional Wreath

    An Untraditional Wreath

    Marshmallows are perfect for this snowy DIY. Use ones of different sized for visual interest. See the tutorial via the link below.
    Eclectically Vintage

  • Paper Ornaments DIY

    Paper Ornaments DIY

    Have kids help you make these fun and easy paper ornaments for the tree or anywhere else that you need a bit of festive decor. Tutorial via the link below.
    Julie Ann Art

  • DIY Reindeer Fleet

    DIY Reindeer Fleet

    Make your own Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and whoever else you like with this fun tutorial that you can do with the kids. Click the link below to get the tutorial.


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