10 Awesome Wooden Block Sets

I have to admit there are some toys I’m way more enthusiastic to purchase and play with than others. Wooden blocks are definitely some of my favorites. Not only do they provide countless hours of entertainment, they’re durable. We had a set growing up that lasted through seven children and now are being played with by grandchildren. Here are 10 incredible sets any kid would love.

  • Fill and Build Block Cart

    Fill and Build Block Cart

    This toy is two in one, cute colorful blocks and a push toy. I might get this when Beck starts walking.

    Click here to purchase from Amazon

  • Standard Block Set

    Standard Block Set

    We had a similar set to this growing up and it’s still in great condition. They’re indestructible.

    Click here to purchase on Amazon

  • Colorful Blocks

    Colorful Blocks

    I want to get these for Beck’s birthday more for myself than for him I think. I would just want to keep them in the box to admire how pretty they are.

    Click here to purchase from Land of Nod

  • Alphabet Factory Blocks

    Alphabet Factory Blocks

    If you want a modern look for your blocks, these ones are for you. I like the variety of designs.

    Click here to purchase on My Sweet Muffin

  • Traditional Alphabet Blocks

    Traditional Alphabet Blocks

    I like the vintage look of these blocks. The illustrations are really sweet.

    Click here to purchase from Land of Nod

  • Olliblocks


    These mix and match blocks you actually make yourself after purchasing the affordable and very cute paper download.

    Click here to buy from Caravan Shoppe

  • Puzzle Blocks

    Puzzle Blocks

    We have this set and I love the colors, patterns and different designs you can create. Beck loves the box.

    Click here to buy from Dwell Studio

  • Pyramid Blocks

    Pyramid Blocks

    Another colorful set that’s just begging for prime real estate on the toy shelf.

    Click here to buy from Land of Nod

  • Number Blocks

    Number Blocks

    Cute designs on each side can be placed together to create a garden, a number line, a circus train or a house.

    Click here to purchase from My Sweet Muffin

  • Uppercase & Lowercase

    Uppercase & Lowercase

    When your child’s younger these can be used to stack and build and when they’re a little older, they can be used to teach letters.

    Click here to purchase from Uncle Goose

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