12 Simply Sweet & Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Projects

Looking for simple craft ideas to make with your young toddler for Valentine’s Day? Help get them in the crafting mood early on with these 12 simple and sweet projects that are sure to bring a smile to the lucky recipient’s face, be it a play date buddy or a grandparent. Click through to see all 12 great ideas! 

  • 12 Simply Sweet Valentine's Day Crafts

    12 Simply Sweet Valentine's Day Crafts

    12 cute and simple crafts to get your little one started early!

  • Carrot Stamp Caterpillar

    Carrot Stamp Caterpillar

    How clever and cute is this little guy? You and your young one can have fun stamping up this creation with of all things, a carrot! Visit Spoonful to get the how-to.

  • Doily T- Shirt

    Doily T- Shirt

    This craft project will definitely require your helping hands, but you can most certainly involve your little one by having her choose the paint colors and gently brush on the paint. Visit Spoonful to see how you can make a cute doily t-shirt or bodysuit for your little Valentine.

  • Beaded Hearts

    Beaded Hearts

    Using craft wire or pipe cleaners, your little one can start working on those fine motor skills by bending the wire and stringing the beads to make these sweet beaded hearts. The how-to is really easy and can be found at Spoonful

  • Valentine's Day Band-Aids

    Valentine's Day Band-Aids

    Help heal boo-boos a little quicker, and sweeter, with the help of these personalized band-aids. Just grab some plain band-aids and a marker and you’re set! Get other design ideas at Spoonful

  • Heart Shaped Animal Masks

    Heart Shaped Animal Masks

    At the heart of these masks, is a heart! Make these clever animal masks, perfect for Valentine’s Day, with your little one and start playing! Get the directions to make your own from Spoonful

  • Lollipop Mice

    Lollipop Mice

    Disguise a little sweet for your sweetheart in these cute mice! All you need is some construction paper, scissors and glue. For the how-to, visit Spoonful

  • Love Bug Barrettes

    Love Bug Barrettes

    Add some sweetness to your little lady’s hair with these adorable ladybug barrettes. They’re simple and quick to whip up, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Visit Spoonful for the full directions.

  • Finger Painted Heart Cards

    Finger Painted Heart Cards

    Your little one will love how hands-on this craft is! Make personalized Valentine’s for all the special people on your list with some paint and fingers! Visit Spoonful for the directions.

  • Clay Hearts

    Clay Hearts

    Fun to make together, and the Valentine that keeps on giving! These clay hearts make a great presentation, and are fun to play with. Make your own hearts of clay and get the how to from Spoonful

  • Puzzle Pin Hearts

    Puzzle Pin Hearts

    Perfect for a grandmother or preschool teacher, these puzzle piece heart pins are clever and easy to make. Get the how-to from Spoonful

  • Heart Yarn Creations

    Heart Yarn Creations

    With some cornstarch and a ball of yarn, you and your little one can make these adorable hearts with your own hands! Perfect as an ornament or sitting on a desk, you can see how to make your own on Spoonful

  • Crayon Hearts

    Crayon Hearts

    Having made our own for a few years now, I can personally tell you how easy these heart crayons are to make. Your young toddler will enjoy just peeling the paper off the crayons and arranging the colors together to make different combinations. They make great Valentines that continue to be used long after the holiday has passed. Learn how to make your own at Spoonful


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