Why I Love My Diaper Bag & A Look At The New Disney Babymel

Diaper bags own my closet. I have many in various sizes, patterns and styles, and if I’m being honest they are my preferred bag of choice. The convenient features inside these bags beat out most handbags on the market. Last week I carried one of my designer handbags out after a quick switcharoo (aka dumping the innards of my diaper bag into my handbag before rushing out the door) and regretted it after the first 20 minutes.

Because I was in such a rush I didn’t notice that my designer pick was unable to hold the contents of my diaper bag and had to continuously check to ensure that I hadn’t dropped anything along the way. The overall design of my bag was inconvenient and as I was holding my son on my hip at the time, I was unable to just reach in and pull out his sippy sup. Needless to say, I switched back to my trusty diaper bag as soon as I got home!

The design of the diaper bag has come such a long way from when we were kids. They are oh so stylish and there are several designers that do an excellent job in designing and manufacturing these bags. We put a round-up together recently of the Storksak/Disney collaboration, however there is some exciting news from Storksak’s sister company, Babymel. Click through for information on their latest design exclusive to Disney!

  • Minnie Mouse Diaper Bag by Babymel

    Minnie Mouse Diaper Bag by Babymel

    Babymel recently introduced their brand new spacious Minnie Mouse Diaper Bag. This bag is exclusive to Disney Store and retails for $98.50.

  • Features


    The entire interior is lined with a wipe clean lining and has several large outer and interior storage pockets to keep you organized. There is even an exterior insulated zip bottle pocket to keep your baby’s bottle warm or cold!

    Visit the Disney Store for more information.

  • Extras


    I just love the adorable heart-shaped Disney Baby tag on the exterior of this bag. Look inside the bag and you will find a padded change mat for on-the-go diaper changes.

    Visit the Disney Store for more information and how to order this sweet bag.

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