Why Blankets Are A Parent’s Best Friend

When I first got pregnant with my oldest daughter, the very first thing I bought her was a fluffy blanket. It was so cute in the store that I just couldn’t resist! At my baby shower, I received many more baby blankets, as was also true for my second child’s baby shower. I came to find out that there was no such thing as “too many baby blankets” – I literally could use their blankets for much more than their name implies. Just like fellow blogger Nadia, I used my baby’s blanket as a burping cloth, play mat, and nursing cover. I also would use it as a changing pad when needed and didn’t have mine readily available.


Disney Baby Blankets

Blankets really are versatile, which is why I think of them as a new parent’s best friend. But, of course, blankets serve their best purpose, when providing comfort and warmth for your baby. Check out a few of my favorite blankets that Disney Baby has to offer!

See the full collection of Disney Baby blankets and try to find your favorite!

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