When Minnie Met Fernie

Once upon a time there was a little baby named Fern. Fern was a happy baby, but she was looking for a best friend. One day her mommy took her to Costco and amongst the aisles filled with jumbo packs of toilet paper and fleece pajamas she found her soulmate…


…A gigantic 48″ Minnie Mouse plush doll. It was love at first sight and never in her life had Fern’s mommy seen her so excited. It was sad when the two had to part ways at the end of the grocery shopping trip. And even though Fern’s mommy isn’t really into stuffed animals and they don’t really have room for this at home, Fern is still hoping that the two will be reunited one day soon…perhaps for Christmas (*hint, hint*).

If you want to create a little love story of your own for your little one, you can find this giant plush Minnie here at the Disney Store (a bit pricey at $99.50, but so fun!) or if you’re looking for an awesome deal, you can check right now at Costco during the holiday season – I’m pretty sure I remember these being $50 or $60, so definitely worth a look if you have the space for one of these.

What’s on your little one’s wish list?


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