V-Day: Handmade & DIY Gifts for the Mamas

Surprise the mom in your life this year by making something for her yourself, or presenting her with something handmade, with love!

Choose from a selection of DIY ideas, the accessories she wants and crafty gifts that your little ones can help make.

  • Handmade or DIY

    Handmade or DIY

    Show her how much you care with something handmade, either by yourself, with the kids or by a talented artisan!

  • DIY: Braided & Layered Cowl

    DIY: Braided & Layered Cowl

    Dudes, this is a seriously easy project. C’mon, induce her to look at you sideways upon presenting her with a gift that you actually MADE. I won’t tell, promise.
    Find the tutorial via Nette Vivante

  • Gold Heart Lariat

    Gold Heart Lariat

    This long, and delicate layering necklace features a 14 gold chain with tiny brass charms. I’m pretty sure any mama would swoon over receiving this.
    Available via Soft Gold Studio

  • Free Printable

    Free Printable

    This card displays an exquisite pairing of fonts, and the best part? You can print it for free in adjustable printing sizes! This would be sweet project to do with the little ones, using watercolours. Let them paint outside the lines and make a mess. It will still look lovely and their mama will adore it!
    Get the free printable here

  • Pendleton Elk Hide Fringe Bag

    Pendleton Elk Hide Fringe Bag

    This one of a kind, handmade purse was designed and created by Dene (First Nation Dogrib Tribe located in the Northwest Territories, Canada) artist Nathalie Waldman and features a central blanket design. Any mom I know would love it!
    Find it here

  • Cowl Infinity Scarf

    Cowl Infinity Scarf

    This sage green neck warmer is the type of trend I can get on board with. Easy to wear, super cute and cozy – you can’t go wrong. For those of us mamas who are braving sub zero temperatures.
    Find it here

  • Heart Sun-Catchers

    Heart Sun-Catchers

    These melted crayon and wax paper translucent hanging hearts would be a lovely way to surprise a mama on Valentine’s Day morning. This is a project that bigger kids can help with for the mamas or the grandmas!
    Find the tutorial via Martha Stewart

  • Deerskin Slippers

    Deerskin Slippers

    Handmade, cozy beauties that I know I love slipping my feet into each and every day, every chance I can get.
    Available via Manitobah Mukluks

  • 'Book of Love'

    'Book of Love'

    Another project that little hands can help with. I’d let them use a plastic or wooden sewing needle, the ones used for finishing of knitting and crochet projects.
    Find the instructions over on Spoonful

  • Long Mint Arrow Necklace

    Long Mint Arrow Necklace

    Metallic, wooden-geometric bauble of beauty. Heavy want here.
    Available via Soft Gold Studio

  • Pendleton Laptop Sleeve

    Pendleton Laptop Sleeve

    You can custom order this awesome case to any size you need. Lots of different Pendleton fabrics are available too.
    Available via Timberline Treasures

  • Photo Card

    Photo Card

    This cute little puppy card is actually a free printable from our sister site Spoonful! Dads take note. You can tie in an easy craft project with your toddlers together with making the mama a Valentine’s Day card and present wrapped in one!
    Get the free download here

  • Organizers


    Keep all of your cards, makeup, and whatever else you want organized in your purse for easy access with these stunning zippered Pendleton pouches!
    Available via Timberline Treasures

  • Bake Her a PIe

    Bake Her a PIe

    No but seriously, just do it. Now I’m not suggesting you do the upper pie crust, but the lower right one? Not that hard. (You just need small sized heart cookie cutters). Unless of course you haven’t a clue about making pie in the first place. Then now’s the time to rectify that, because seriously?! Men make pies now too.
    Get the instructions via Martha Stewart

  • Heart Locket

    Heart Locket

    A cute little gift that your little ones can give their mama feauturing a picture of themselves inside!
    Get the free printable and instructions via Spoonful

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