These Must-Have Baby Blankets Go Disney

I was so excited to see that one of my favorite swaddle blankets (on the top of my baby registry recommendation list) has a collection of truly charming Disney-related designs for all of the Disney Babies.

Check out the Disney designs on these high-quality swaddle blankets, receiving blankets, and security blankets (and no, they are not one and the same) from SwaddleDesigns:

  • It's A Small World Baby Blankets

    It's A Small World Baby Blankets

    SwaddleDesigns has an entire “It’s a Small World” collection, including single lightweight Marquisette Swaddle Blankets (left) and SwaddleDuo packages (right), which includes a lightweight cotton Marquisette Swaddle Blanket and a heavier cotton flannel Ultimate Receiving Blanket for any temperature.

    Buy from SwaddleDesigns.

  • It's A Small World (Suns + Lambs) Blankets

    It's A Small World (Suns + Lambs) Blankets

    Their “It’s A Small World” collection even includes these beautiful “Suns + Lambs” designs that you’d never know are branded under the Disney name — but they are! And like all of the SwaddleDesigns Disney prints, these come in pink or blue.

    Buy from SwaddleDesigns.

  • Minnie Mouse Swaddle Blankets

    Minnie Mouse Swaddle Blankets

    SwaddleDesigns also has a Classic Disney collection featuring Minnie Mouse in either a sketch drawing or a simple silhouette. In addition to the single swaddle blankets and Duo packages, you can also buy these in a new Swaddle-Lite 3-pack — which are all lightweight, breathable, open-weave cotton swaddle blankets.

    Buy from SwaddleDesigns.

  • Mickey Mouse Baby Blankets

    Mickey Mouse Baby Blankets

    And of course you can buy them in a Mickey Mouse design too — same as the Minnie Mouse, but in a pale blue.

    Buy from SwaddleDesigns.

  • Security Blankets

    Security Blankets

    SwaddleDesigns also created a keepsake “baby lovie” security blanket using Walt Disney’s classic sketches. These blankets are made from soft flannel with a silky satin trim — perfect for little hands to hold and snuggle.

    Buy from SwaddleDesigns.

  • Ultimate Swaddle Blankets

    Ultimate Swaddle Blankets

    Another baby blanket option is the SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Swaddle Blanket, which is bigger for a variety of uses — like a tummy time playmat, stroller blanket, and breastfeeding cover. You can buy these alone or in a Swaddle Duo package.

    Buy from SwaddleDesigns.

I think SwaddleDesigns did a beautiful job translating these iconic images into such timeless designs.

Unsure how to swaddle? Check out our Swaddling 101 how-to guide.

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