The Most Beautiful Personalized Jewelry for New Moms

Whether you call it a “push present” or just a thoughtful gesture for a new mom, there’s something about a personalized gift that gets us new moms all teary and emotional — especially if that personalized gift has our baby’s initial (or birth stone, or name, or all of the above). And especially especially if it’s something that we can keep close to our hearts, like a locket.

So I rounded up some of the most beautiful, handmade, personalized jewelry — all perfect for new (or, for that matter, not-so-new) moms. She’ll cherish this gift, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a baby’s first birthday, or just an ordinary Tuesday.

Take a look at some of my favorites:

  • Vintage Alphabet Locket

    Vintage Alphabet Locket

    For the moms who have a vintage style, this alphabet locket can be personalized with any initial.

    Buy from Etsy/HeartworksByLori, $40.

  • Embroidered Initial Necklace

    Embroidered Initial Necklace

    These gorgeous personalized necklaces are hand-embroidered and available in over 20 different fabrics. These have to be my personal favorite of the bunch — unique, thoughtful, and so pretty.

    Buy from Etsy/merriweathercouncil, $38.

  • Multi Strand Initial Necklace

    Multi Strand Initial Necklace

    For moms of multiples, this beautiful multi-strand initial necklace features two dainty gold dot charms.

    Buy from Etsy/Petitor, $52.

  • Personalized Initial Heart Necklace

    Personalized Initial Heart Necklace

    The Etsy shop Petitor also makes these hand-stamped heart necklaces, available in sterling silver, yellow gold, or rose gold.

    Buy from Etsy/Petitor, $31.

  • Personalized Mommy Necklace

    Personalized Mommy Necklace

    The Etsy shop Charm Accents has a number of different “mommy” necklace options — like this hand-hammered and hand-stamped trio.

    Buy from Etsy/Charm Accents, $37.

  • Rose Gold Initial Necklace

    Rose Gold Initial Necklace

    I adore this initial necklace in uppercase script — also available in sterling silver and traditional gold.

    Buy from Etsy/Project Dahlia, $23.50.

  • Brass Teardrop Initial Jewelry

    Brass Teardrop Initial Jewelry

    Here’s a unique personalized necklace to discreetly and stylishly carry her baby’s initial close to her heart.

    Buy from Etsy/The Dedication Company, $38.

  • Sideways Asymmetric Custom Necklace

    Sideways Asymmetric Custom Necklace

    For the mom who prefers delicate jewelry over flashy statement pieces, here’s a pretty necklace to honor her baby.

    Buy from Etsy/The Dedication Company, $30.

  • Custom Brass Triangle Necklace

    Custom Brass Triangle Necklace

    Triangles are the new “it” shape of the moment, and this long initial necklace is perfect for layering. Check out the Etsy shop The Dedication Company for even more unique personalized styles for new moms.

    Buy from Etsy/The Dedication Company, $38.

  • Sideways Initial Necklace

    Sideways Initial Necklace

    Here’s another delicate personalized necklace for the chic new mom.

    Buy from Etsy/Sticks and Stones NY, $32.

    Photo: Tomi Yum

  • XO Double Initial Necklace

    XO Double Initial Necklace

    These hand-cut, hand-stamped sterling silver heart charms (featuring an X and an O) can be personalized with any initials. I especially like the rustic charm of this one.

    Buy from Etsy/Sora Designs.

    Photo credit: Sora Designs

  • Personalized Mothers Necklace

    Personalized Mothers Necklace

    This necklace can even be personalized with her baby’s birthstone.

    Buy from Etsy/TheSilverWren, $39.

  • Mixed Metal Personalized Necklace

    Mixed Metal Personalized Necklace

    The Etsy shop The Silver Wren has an extensive collection of personalized mother necklaces — with different stones, charms, and styles. For multiple children, I especially like this mixed metal version.

    Buy from Etsy/TheSilverWren, $46.

  • Initial Necklace, Gold and Silver

    Initial Necklace, Gold and Silver

    This hand-stamped necklace — made from sterling silver and 24K gold vermeil — is a beautiful, understated choice.

    Buy from Etsy/Erin Pelicano Jewelry, $45.

    Photo credit: Erin Pelicano Jewelry


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