The Gift Of Time – 10 Things I’d Do On Mother’s Day If I Had The Time

As a mother, I feel like the most precious commodity, and therefore the most precious gift I could receive, is time.  The ever elusive hourglass, and the feeling of just not enough hours in the day.  Even on the days when we’re at our best and can tackle the to-do list with admirable force, we rarely are left with much time left to do what we please.  Raising these kids is such a gift and a huge blessing, one I don’t take for granted.  But I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t love a bit more time every now and then to accomplish some personal to-dos that have nothing to do with baby food, diapering, cleaning or running carpool.  Here are ten things I would do on Mother’s Day, if I just had a few hours to myself!

  • Be Creative

    Be Creative

    One of my favorite past times is crafting. I’m not particular with what I do, I just love to work my creative muscles, whether it be making a piece of jewelry, painting, or sewing, I love it all. If I had a few extra hours one day to get just one of my many unfinished projects completed, I’d be a happy momma.

  • Playing With Food

    Playing With Food

    I actually love to cook and bake, and it’s one of my mom duties I perform with a smile on my face. I do not enjoy the clean up part, however. So if I had some time, I would try a new recipe, at my leisure, void of pressure from the dinner-time clock ticking away, probably while enjoying a glass of wine. I would enjoy my meal or sweet treat, and then wouldn’t have to do a thing to clean up the mess I had made.

  • The Looming Baby Book

    The Looming Baby Book

    While filling the baby book for my 3rd child isn’t necessarily at the top of my list of fun and enjoyable things to do, it is very important to me and therefore I’d love to start working on it, for no other reason than to relieve some pressure off of me. I will feel so much better once I get it done!

  • Our Sad Garden

    Our Sad Garden

    This patch of yard on the side of our house is usually blooming with tomatoes, lettuce and peppers by now. With the arrival of our 3rd child though, neither of us just has the time or energy to get in there and give it some love. With just 3 hours though I could accomplish quite a lot, and it would benefit our family so much, plus I’d get to be outside in the beautiful sun.

  • Our Empty Walls

    Our Empty Walls

    We’ve had frames to hang on our walls purchased for the last 3 months now. We hung templates of where the frames would go, and that’s as far as we’ve come. For the past 3 months our walls have looked like this, waiting for the frames and artwork to be hung. I’d love a couple of hours to just pound some nails into the wall and get this project completed.

  • Organize Photos

    Organize Photos

    I am usually quite organized with our photo management system, having photos filed away in folders by month and year. But that’s as far as I’ve got. I’m about 4 years behind on actually printing up any photos, and not a single photo of Hayden, almost 9 months old, hangs on our walls. I wouldn’t get it all accomplished, but a few extra hours would help me make some major headway on this project.

  • Enjoy My Baby In My Most Favorite Way

    Enjoy My Baby In My Most Favorite Way

    One of my favorite things to do is hold Hayden while he sleeps. If I had free time with no looming to-do list, or older kids to take care, I’d sit back and relax in our rocking chair, and just hold baby while he takes a nap. Sounds like a pretty great way to spend Mother’s Day, don’t you think?

  • Quality Time With the Big Kids

    Quality Time With the Big Kids

    Of course the big kids can’t be forgotten. I’d really love some time to just enjoy a slow, quiet meal with my big kids so we can all talk and laugh together. We all love Hayden and the love he has brought to our family, but sometimes dinner is hectic and stressful now that he’s arrived. So a little quality time with the 4 of us would be nice. The last time we did that was on Valentine’s Day when we put him down to bed a bit early, and we ate a late dinner.

  • A Warm Cup Of Coffee In One Sitting

    A Warm Cup Of Coffee In One Sitting

    Raise your hand if you have to reheat your coffee multiple times in the morning! I reheat mine about 4 times before I finish it. I’d love 20 minutes to sit and enjoy my warm coffee in one sitting without needing to reheat it. That’s not too much to ask for is it?

  • A NAP!

    A NAP!

    Lastly, I’d love a quiet house so I could take a nap. Plain and simple. Now that would be divine wouldn’t it?! Are you reading this dear husband??

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