The Genet Scarf: A Stylish Mother’s Day Gift That Gives Back

I’m a big fan of giving (and getting!) gifts that give back, and I get especially excited when I find something that is truly beautiful that I can give. That’s why I’m so thrilled with the newest offering from ONE and fashionABLE. The Genet Scarf is a limited edition Mother’s Day scarf, now available for preorder. The Genet gets its name from one of the women who helps produce it in Ethiopia; because of the opportunity that Genet has been afforded through working for fashionABLE, she is able to have work that gives her dignity and has allowed her to reconnect with her little girl.

The design of the Genet scarf was the winning design from a contest hosted at Alt Summit in January. Janette Crawford, the designer, was so kind to answer a few questions about the design project, the scarf itself, and her Mother’s Day wishes for Genet.


Q: How did you first find out about fashionABLE?

A: In 2010, I was in the swing of writing about ethical fashion on Fashion Loves People, and someone from the company reached out to me. Not only is the company’s mission amazing in itself, but they do such a beautiful job of sharing it. Each scarf tells the story of the woman who makes it. It makes the support you’re providing so tangible.

Q: Did you own any fashionABLE scarves before you submitted your design?

A: I did! I got one when I did the story on the brand. I definitely consulted it as I was putting together my design ideas.

Q: How did you find out about the design competition?

A: The contest was held for Alt Summit attendees — out of 600, about 55 people submitted designs. Twelve of the designs were produced before Alt in January — including two of mine! Everyone at the conference voted on the top four, and I’m so flattered that mine came out on top.

I almost didn’t enter, because I’ve never done anything like this before. But at the last minute, and because fashionABLE was a brand I admired so much, I decided I had to.

Q: Tell us a little about the process involved in creating your design. Did anything in particular inspire you?

A: FashionABLE‘s creative brief said that all designs had to be able to be woven on a loom. This made me think of geometric patterns in vintage textiles, and how the same patterns have been woven for thousands of years by cultures on different sides of the world. So I did an image search for “kilim,” one of those common styles, which inspired my designs.

Q: What makes this scarf a great addition to a mom’s wardrobe? How would you suggest styling it?

A: Scarves are the best accessories — like a necklace but cozy, and able to dress up the most basic outfit. I wear mine bunched up around my neck with jeans and a white tee. The best part is, you can’t go wrong! Extra bonus that this scarf is unisex.

Q: This scarf is obviously making a difference in the life of a special mom named Genet, half a world away in Ethiopia. If you were to send her a Mother’s Day message, what would you say?

A: Genet! It is an honor to share your name, and an honor that you are working day in and day out to craft this beautiful scarf that I must have dreamed up just for you. I’m so happy to have learned about you and your story, which I know will inspire women around the world. You should be so proud. I’ll be thinking of you this Mother’s Day — mom to mom, creator to creator, Janette to Genet.

Thanks, Janette, for answering my questions and for your special thoughts for Genet.

The Genet Scarf truly is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. It was designed by a mom, is changing the life of a mom, and will be worn by many moms. That’s a lot of moms, all connected through one beautiful wardrobe staple. You can pre-order the Genet Scarf from The ONE Store or fashionABLE. If you order today, April 5, you will receive free shipping – what a deal! I’m ordering one, and I hope to see this scarf gracing the necks of a lot of women this Mother’s Day.

To learn more about what fashionABLE does in Ethiopia, and how your purchase will help break the cycle of poverty, click here. To read more of Genet’s story, click here.

Janette Crawford is an ethical fashion blogger, which makes this design contest a match made in heaven. To learn more about Janette and get her tips and picks for ethical fashion, please visit her blog, Fashion Loves People.

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