The Christmas Gift That’s Still Being Played With

Christmas was three months ago today. Which means you’ve probably long ago put away your decorations, vacuumed up the last of the tree needles, and had a last listen to Jingle Bells. Now the question for many parents is, “What gifts are continuing to get loved several months later?”

In our home, the gift that has continued to be the most popular at our home for our little daughter is a hot pink doll stroller.

Doll Stroller

Amusingly, this was a complete last-minute gift when some friends of ours told us they had just cleaned out their toy room and offered to let us look through the toys they were planning to get rid of. The little stroller only needed a quick fix of a broken strap (a two-minute job with a needle and thread on Christmas Eve because I like to procrastinate).


It was perfect during the colder months where Ella could push it around the kitchen and living room, and now that the weather is warmer, she loves to take it along on our walks. Sometimes a doll gets a ride, but more often she asks to hold the mail key in it or fills the seat with various rocks and acorns and leaves she finds along the way.

Toddler with Stroller

It’s also a great toy because it folds up very small, which means it fits easily into her little closet and, if she gets tired of pushing it on a walk, I can fold it up and store it under our stroller.

As I’ve mentioned to various friends of mine how MUCH Ella loves this stroller (any time we run errands, she asks if she can bring it along to the grocery store or the post office), I’ve discovered that many many toddlers love little strollers. My sister-in-law even said they own extras because having only one caused too much contention when other friends came over to play with her little girls.

Baby Doll Stroller

What holiday gifts are your little ones still enjoying?


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