The Most Stylish Teething Necklaces Ever

There are several things that are more difficult to wear as a new mom — like sky-high stilettos and strapless dresses, to name a few. Another difficult thing for new moms to wear is statement jewelry — because anything dangling will get tugged and chewed.

Yet I found the most stylish necklaces that are actually safe for teething mouths:

Chewbeads are made from 100% silicone — which is what many pacifiers, bottle nipples, and teething toys are made from — yet look extremely stylish. You’d never be able to tell that they’re made for mouths, but they’re super soft for baby gums, easy to clean (including in the dishwasher!), and are free from scary chemicals like BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, etc. They even made bracelets, too!

See the entire Chewbeads line ($12.50 – $36.50), and prepare to be amazed.


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