Shake, [Stick] Rattle and Roll

My three-month-old daughter is a picky player. We’ve tried to occupy her time with many-a-toy, pulling out all the bells and whistles (literally!) we can imagine. And it’s always the oddest toys that she loves most (a wooden spatula, for instance, has stolen her heart for the past three days). Yet there is one toy that she’s loved from the moment she first grasped it. One toy that I can’t imagine her ever parting with. One toy that is so dog-eared we’ll be saving it as a loving piece of official Bee memorabilia: the stick rattle.


piglet stick rattle
The stick rattle has, quite possibly, all of the stops: textured fabrics, crinkly surprises and that fan-favorite rattle noise every baby seems to love. Indeed, car trips are no longer a fuss-fest; our stick rattle keeps her fully occupied for a good twenty minutes (oh to have a newborn’s level of concentration for just a moment!). And because it’s soft, we don’t have to worry about her banging herself in the eye repeatedly. Bonus!

But here’s why I love this toy most: it can truly grow with a baby. At month one, Bee wanted nothing more than to stare at its contrasting colors. At month two, she wanted to hear the noise from the rattle. Month three? She wants to touch the different fabrics and grab the toy for herself. And I’m guessing that months 4, 5 and 6 will involve endless excuses for that same rattle to be in her mouth at all times.

Cheers to baby toys that boast longevity, and happy playing!

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