Regular Puzzle Nights: Something Our Whole Family Enjoys

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me this Disney Pooh Baby Puzzle Set for free.

You know that time in between dinner and the bath-bed-time routine? Around here, we like to jokingly refer to that as the witching hour(s). Depending on when we have dinner — or if we’re at the beach having a picnic dinner, there’s usually time for another dip or some frolicking in the park nearby before we head home.

On the nights that we stay home for dinner, we either do crafts, have a music night, or do puzzles. Puzzles in particular have a very calming effect on our toddlers, which is something one strives for with bedtime coming right around the corner…

  • Love at First Sight

    Love at First Sight

    Click through to discover why we’re favouring this set of puzzles so much lately!

  • Favourite Friends

    Favourite Friends

    Both of my littles have a thing for Winnie the Pooh and friends. It comes from a big plush Pooh Bear that my son was gifted at his baby shower and it’s been one of his favourite lovies ever since. Enter our daughter, and the love affair just continued with her.

  • Sturdy & Detailed

    Sturdy & Detailed

    The artwork is cute and we’ve always favoured wooden puzzles over the cardboard ones – they just last longer. Especially when they come with their own little box for storage!

  • Busted!


    I told you we all love doing puzzles. Yes, we’re nerds. We’re also parents who enjoy doing this sort of stuff with our little ones.

  • Show & Tell

    Show & Tell

    Abby is really into role-playing (has been for a while now). Here she is proudly showing her baby our finished puzzles.

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