Why Women Are Obsessed with Childbirth

If you are or have been pregnant, you know that women from everywhere give you advice and share their story about when they had a baby. No matter their age, they tell you about their experience – which they can remember so vividly. Whether you like the advice or not, it’s clear that women are obsessed by childbirth. Maybe obsessed isn’t the best word. Women are infatuated/ overjoyed/ impacted/ deeply changed by the birth of their children. And rightly so. I have had the same experience with the births of both of my girls…

Here are 3 reasons why I think women are obsessed/ infatuated/ overjoyed/ impacted/ deeply changed by the birth of their children:

  1. You feel like superwoman. Drugs or no drugs, you push a body out of your own. 2 hours or 2 days, you labor in indescribable pain until your wet and fuzzy baby is laid upon your chest. For most women it is quite literally the most difficult physical feat they have accomplished and as a result, you feel like you should wear a cape and soar through the air, boasting about what you have just done.
  2. You get to meet your little bundle. There is nothing like it in all the world. You have waited 9 months and more for this musical day. This little person who is new and unknown is already so familiar – the smells and sounds immediately tell you this is YOUR baby. This baby is a gift, but this baby belongs to you. Those first moments are always stitched on the inside of your heart and soul.
  3. There is hope for this world. A new life, a new beginning, a rebirth. All of your dreams for the world are cast on this new little one. (In a good way, of course!) You know that your little baby will be loving, will make a difference. They will share, care about their friends, and dream of a new world. They will stand up for what they believe in. They will recognize black, white, and the gray in between. They will search for their creator and live their life to fulfill a grand purpose. Their life is our hope.
That’s my experience, anyway. What’s yours?
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