When Do You Tell People You’re Pregnant?

I know that some people (women and men) are bursting to tell people the MOMENT they find out that parenthood is in their immediate future. They’re the ones sending out text messages or emails or making phone calls ten minutes after the pregnancy test shows two lines/plus-sign/”Pregnant”/whatever-your-pregnancy-test-uses-to-indicate-a-positive-result.

I am not that person.


With my first pregnancy, my husband and I told no one (except when I called at 8 weeks to make a doctor’s appointment) until I was 12 weeks along. This time, we waited until 13 weeks to tell family and friends (although I did tell my optometrist when I was 6 weeks along because he asked if I was noticing any changes in my vision and vision-changing is a big old pregnancy symptom for me, which is just terrific since what my horrible eyesight needs is even MORE shifting and blurriness).

We don’t keep it a secret because we are particularly worried about a miscarriage or even because we like to be the only people in the world to know this particular secret.

No, we mainly keep it secret because I am just so awkward when I tell people that I like to postpone it as long as I possibly can. When we sent out our email announcement to our immediate family a month or so ago, my stomach was in knots for hours as we waited for people to respond. And this was for my own FAMILY that I love and was, theoretically, excited to tell.

I’d hoped that a second pregnancy would be easier for me to share the news about than a first, but that did not turn out to be the case.

Do you suffer from similar pregnancy-sharing angst or is it easy for you to broadcast the news? Do you share immediately or wait until the first trimester is over?

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