What Do You Call Your Unborn Child?

Reading a lot of mommy blogs taught me that many people start calling their child by name as soon as they find out it’s a boy or a girl.

Ella's Ultrasound

For some reason, this always strikes me as a little awkward. Despite finding out that we were having a girl, we didn’t call our daughter by her name until she was born. I think in the 23 weeks between finding out she was a girl and her birth, we referred to her by her name probably less than three or four times. We ALWAYS called her “the baby” or “little girl.”

I have no real reasons for doing this, except that I just felt weird calling her Ella when she wasn’t yet born.


Of course, one of the downsides to this method for us was that after Ella was born, we both found it incredibly difficult to actually call HER that name. And we weren’t parents picking out her name in the delivery room – we’d decided on a girl name FIVE YEARS before her birth and not once had either of us wavered on it. There was no question in our minds what her name would be. And yet, it was hard for that name to seem to belong to this little person we were just getting to know.

Now, with a second pregnancy, I think this baby is getting her revenge because we cannot come up with a name to save our lives. Now we’re calling her “the baby” and “little girl” because we don’t have any other options except, perhaps, “nameless one.” And that just doesn’t seem very loving and parental to me.

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