What Do You Call Your Grandma?

While my husband and I were mulling over names for Ella, my mom was having naming struggles of her own. What was she going to have her grandchildren call her?

My mom’s parents went by Grandma and Grandpa, while my dad’s parents were referred to as Grannie and Grandad. I’d always liked that they went by different names and that we always knew which set we were talking about.

My mom had long planned on going by GG (her last initial is a G and the first one would stand for Grannie), but then I happened to marry someone who had a stepmother named Gigi, so my mom wanted something unique.


I asked on my blog for suggestions and I was stunned at the sheer variety of things that grandparents go by. My favorite were the grandparents that went by the names of their cats, a suggestion that my mother did not embrace.

Eventually, my mom settled on Grancie, which I’ve never heard before but which now seems completely natural.

GrancieAnd, oh, do we love Grancie.

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