Trendiest 2013 Baby Names: GREEN Names

Pantone — the final authority in all things color and design — announced that we’re all moving on from Tangerine (the 2012 color of the year) to Emerald. That’s right, folks; The 2013 color of the year is Emerald green.

For design lovers out there, perhaps choosing an Emerald-inspired name will best personify your child’s 2013 birth year.


Hunter – A “Top 100” name that conjures up the color Hunter Green — a dark, emerald-like color.

Forest/Forrest – A nature name that’s all about greenery.

Cale – A cute Top 1,000 name that sounds like the dark green vegetable.

Sage – An herbal name that works for boys or girls.

Spruce – A greener version of Bruce.

Pine – A unique nature name for your little boy — possibly as a middle name?

Elm – Another middle-name-worthy tree name.


Green – Color names are getting more popular (i.e. Blue Ivy), and Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke used Green as their son’s middle name.



Esmeralda – Literally means “emerald” — and hey, it’s a Disney name!

Esme – A gorgeous name that you might be hearing more of (thanks to Twilight??), Esme actually translates to EMERALD!

Emerald – Or why not name just your little girl Emerald, the 2013 color of the year?

Jade – This green jewel name has been on the rise.

Fern – A beautiful nature name that has nothing but green imagery.

Olive- An up-and-coming name (now popular in Hollywood with celebs like Isla Fisher and Drew Barrymore — and let’s not forget Olive as the star of Little Miss Sunshine) with green roots.

Ivy – An earthy green name that’s getting a lot of attention thanks to Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby, Blue Ivy.

Hazel – An old-fashioned name that has brownish-green imagery.

Verde – Literally translates to green.

Kelly – Although it might be a little too “90s” for you, it could also represent Kelly Green.

Willow – A nature name that’s quickly climbing the charts.

Juniper – An evergreen tree name.

Cypress – Another tree name, similar to Willow and Juniper.

Peridot – Although it’s not nearly as dark as the color emerald, Peridot — the green gemstone for “August” — is an unusual baby name choice.

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