Saying No To Nesting

My official due date is 7 days away, and I’ve yet to feel that crazy nesting bug that usually kicks in full force by now.  Instead, all I want to do is sit on the couch or take a nap.  Usually I’d feel guilty about this, but it being my 3rd pregnancy, here’s why I’m allowing myself resting time, instead of nesting time, and what I’m doing to fill in those hours.


allowing yourself to rest during the last days of pregnancyThe organization projects will continue to be there, even after baby comes.  That’s the good news!  The flip side of that though, is that your time to rest on a whim, without worrying about night feedings or colicky newborns, will not.  This is your time to soak up any extra bit of relaxation you can before a tiny baby is completely, 100% reliable on you.  Take it.

There will in fact be time to get things done after the baby comes.  Between the extra hands of doting grandmas, a cleared calendar free of commitments, or strange unexpected surges of post-pregnancy hormones, I have always found that while some days are crazier than others, you can usually find time here and there to get little projects done after having a baby.

You’re not necessarily thinking clearly anyhow.  At least I’m not!  The other day I did try to spend some time organizing my nightstand drawer, which was a complete mess.  Next thing I know I’m throwing away a pair of good headphones instead of the junky old sunglasses I meant to throw away.  After realizing my mistake and digging in the trash can for a bit, I threw up my hands in frustration and decided to just go sit outside and hang out with the kids.  I figured it will be best to wait on some things until I’m feeling a bit more clear headed.

So what exactly am I doing in these last few days of calm, while both kids are at school and I have time to myself?  Well, I’m catching up on writing, which is always therapeutic for me.  I’ve made plans to have lunch with some friends.  I’ve spent some mornings watching girlie movies that my husband has no interest in seeing, and I’ve downloaded a new read on my Kindle. Something light and frivolous that doesn’t take a lot of brain power.  Oh, and long trips to Target by myself, I’ve taken a few of those too.

So did you get the nesting urge with your pregnancies, or did you sit back and try to relax during those last few days?  As much as I still want to “get things done,” I’m really trying to feel good about this time I’m taking for myself, even if at times it feels a bit selfish.

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