My Favorite Item of Jewelry When I’m Pregnant

Now that I’m pregnant for a second time, I’m starting to see some similarities between the two experiences so far and one of them is that my face gets significantly softer-looking. Goodbye, jaw line.

And so, the items of jewelry I generally turn to for dressing up a casual outfit – earrings or necklaces – become things I’m not particularly longing to wear because they both draw attention to my face. In my own pregnant-person brain, I feel certain that earrings make my face look wider and necklaces, especially statement necklaces, draw attention up to my non-existent chin.

You know what are still thin, though? My wrists!


I usually don’t give them much notice but now that they’re one of the skinniest bits of my person, they have become very beloved to me. And I’m eager for ways to draw attention to them (and away from other, less skinny parts of my body).

And so the bracelets that generally spend their time hanging out in my sock drawer are suddenly getting a lot of wear time. I love accentuating a part of my body that still looks the same as it does when I’m not growing a baby!

BraceletWhat jewelry do you turn to when you’re pregnant?

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