Letting Men Becoming Dads

I’m a lucky girl. Not only do I have a really adorable, highly entertaining, and healthy son, but I also have a super good-looking husband and father to said son who loves to be involved. From the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test I knew one of my biggest goals as a mom was going to be making sure I gave my husband space to become and to be a dad in his own way…

daddy and son

We’re the women (girl power!), so I think it is only natural for us to feel the need to be in full control of the care of our wee ones and to feel like mama always knows best. We are usually with them the most so we feel like we are the experts. And maybe we are. But I’ve found that even if the way that I do it is “best”, that doesn’t mean the way my husband does it is wrong. He has his own ways and they are not mine, and that is what makes it special for our son.

Watching my husband become a dad has been a beautiful (albeit, sometimes stressful) experience and I’ve tried my hardest to give him space to figure out his own methods, his own ways of preparing the bottle or getting The Bubs dressed. How he lets our son be more independent. How he’s more adventurous in what he lets our son try to do or eat or see. How he picks him and and tosses him into the air rougher than I might makes my mom senses tingle, but then hearing our son erupt with giggles (little thrill seeker, that one) immediately fills me with joy. He doesn’t laugh that way when I do it. Because I’m not Dad.

And that’s the thing, I’m not and I will never be Dad. Just like he is not and will never be Mom. But the beauty of it is that it is supposed to be that way. And by giving him the space to become a dad, learn how to do things, and figure out his own ways, I’m letting him build something special with our son- their own bond. Even if that bond includes scary acrobatic tricks. ;)

It’s their special thing. The men. My men.

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