My Most Favorite, Irresistible Newborn Pictures

You’ll have to excuse me as I’m feeling rather emotional about my babies growing up. I’ve been going through my digital albums, finally tackling the task of getting more recent photos printed to frame and put up around the house. Maybe even a few collages. I REALLY want to create an Instagram wall in our main foyer. Doing these things will make me a very happy woman. We moved from a big city to a small town over a year ago and while our art and a few (much older) pictures have been all hung on the wall, we’re missing the warmth that I think comes from family pictures.

The newborn pictures especially, they really are so sacred. I can’t voice enough, how happy I am that we invested in having newborn photo shoots for both of our children. I also don’t feel any qualms about being their paparazzi mama. See for yourself. Tell me these aren’t worth all the fuss…

  • The Newborn Times of Wyndham & Abigail Mills.

    The Newborn Times of Wyndham & Abigail Mills.

    Click through to enjoy my favourites. Newborn pictures truly are one of life’s best things.

  • I Had Nothing To Do With This...

    I Had Nothing To Do With This...

    I swear. He just fell asleep this way and you bet I captured the moment. Because, really. The cute, it SLAYS.

  • Weigh In

    Weigh In

    Weighing in at 7 pounds, she was a tiny thing which didn’t last all that long past the newborn stage. Photo by Melissa McCauley.

  • Sleeping Angel

    Sleeping Angel

    Looking at these pictures now while Wyndham runs around me like a wild banshee singing, ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ at the top of his lungs sure does make me want to squish and kiss the bejeezus out of him. So I think I shall. His face has such character here. A precursor of what was to come, of this I now know.

  • Being Born Is Exhausting Y'all!

    Being Born Is Exhausting Y'all!

    Not crying, just big yawns. (Which is not to say she didn’t cry…oh she cried. And cried. And cried… colic.) One of the rare after birthing photos wherein I don’t look like a hot mess.

  • Sleeping Beauties

    Sleeping Beauties

    Such a precious moment. A true image depicting what a great father my mister is. The holding of the hands is almost too much, yet quite right.

  • Absolute Must: The Feet

    Absolute Must: The Feet

    Without pictures of nubly little newborn feet, what would life be anyways? Photo by Melissa McCauley.

  • Tiny Duchess Abigail

    Tiny Duchess Abigail

    We’ve gone back and forth between calling her a diva and a duchess, stemming from her colicky days. Since then, it’s not just been the colic that calls for such monickers. My girl loves pretty, shiny things, wants them all and knows how to have her voice be heard. All of these little newborn dresses are packed away and I’m going to keep them until she may need them one day for her own. Many thanks to Auntie Sho-Sho who can’t seem to ever refrain from buying out Baby Gap girly frocks. I’m more an Etsy-a-holic for the frocks, so it’s a nice mix.

  • Swaddled in Inukshuk

    Swaddled in Inukshuk

    I’ve been meaning to frame this handmade Inukshuk blanket that a youth made for me when I was a pregnant director at The Native Canadian Centre in Toronto. That work, those days…all seems like another life-time to me. I’ll treasure this blanket and these pictures forever.

  • Best Present Ever

    Best Present Ever

    Taken under our Christmas tree back in 2009, around 3? 4? Weeks after he was born. Photo taken by my good friend Melissa, who’s going to have a photography fan page or website that I can link up to very soon – right Melissa?

  • Morning Naps Are Sneaky

    Morning Naps Are Sneaky

    I love the play and contrast of texture and early morning light here. Also, baby headbands RULE. I made this one and if you’d like the easy DIY on how you can make you own, go here.

  • Those Eyes

    Those Eyes

    A lot of parents say their babies have old souls by the depth and beauty of their eyes, during the newborn stage especially. I say ALL babies are wise and connected to life in a most powerful way. Everything is amazing to them and their little eyes are directly connected to their vast, pure souls, taking it all in.

  • More With The Eyes

    More With The Eyes

    See? I told you. All new babies have the most incredible eyes.

  • Dress-up Time

    Dress-up Time

    You bet I loved (and still do!) dressing up my little duchess. More DIY baby headband goodness.

  • Little Charmer

    Little Charmer

    Just exiting out of the newborn stage here, my little guy was showing off his flirting skills. No idea where he gets it from.

  • Inquisitive Wyndham

    Inquisitive Wyndham

    Always a little thinker…his favourite past-time was staring at my face. Which, in case you didn’t know…is one of the best toys you can give to your new baby. Your face. Photo by Melissa McCauley and Crimson Hawking.

  • Photo Shoots Are Tiring Business

    Photo Shoots Are Tiring Business

    Big yawns from my sweet little boy. Photo by Melissa McCauley and Crimson Hawking.

  • Why's Everyone Squealing?

    Why's Everyone Squealing?

    That what this face says. Yes, we all squealed. Even the men in the room, in their manly ways. I mean, obviously. Photo by Melissa McCauley and Crimson Hawking.

  • The Sweetest Dreams...

    The Sweetest Dreams...

    Come by way of the dreamcatcher. If you’d like to learn more about the traditional Aboriginal Dreamcatcher Teaching, go here.

    Dreamcatcher made by Nadia Kwandibens


I remember visiting some homes growing up, where the walls were filled with pictures of family and friends. It felt so good to me, so comforting and inviting. I vowed to do the same thing when ‘I grew up’. So here I am, a mother in my own home – far from grown up – but wanting to reflect the love and happiness of our family captured and showcased in our small and humble home. As I pick and choose over endless albums of photos over the past few years, my thoughts turn to my boy who is turning 3 in 4 weeks. (!!!) I want to have some collages and loners hung in time for his party. It’s time. I think it would be good practice to switch things up every few years and continue to add to the walls.

I imagine them when they are teenagers and living between the walls of these memories. As young adults and even parents themselves, coming to visit us with their children where they feel like they have truly come home. Where they can point and describe pictures to my future grandchildren and laugh over the stories we share.

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