How Many Other Babies Share Your Baby’s Name?

When it comes to naming our babies, many of us pride ourselves on our creativity. It’s fun to come up with a name that is unique and will set our little ones apart from the masses. But, have you ever wondered just how popular or rare your little one’s name really is? Well, I found a site where you can input your baby’s name and it will tell you just how many other babies shared the same moniker over the years along with the names popularity rankings since 1880 – it’s actually pretty cool! Apparently we chose a pretty uncommon one – only 34 other babies shared Fern’s name in 2011 and 250 shared her middle name. Find out how many other babe’s share you little one’s name!

How Many other babies share you baby's name?

Go to: Our Baby Namer. Type in your baby’s name and press enter. That’s it!

Then please come back here and tell me how popular your baby’s name is in the comments – I’d love to know! I think I could probably sit here all day and type baby names into this thing – so interesting.


{Photo by Lisa Warninger}

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