Hello There. Nice To Meet You.

Hello there, Disney-ers. (Disney-ites?) I’m so excited to be joining the Disney Baby team — partly because I love talking about all things baby, partly because I love connecting with new groups of parents, but mostly because Disney is at the epicenter of my son’s imagination. (See why here.) Disney has unexpectedly brought magic into his (our) life, and maybe contributing to this community is a little something I can do to say thanks. A virtual high-five.

So, yes, I’ll be sharing tidbits of advice, attempts to inspire, and plenty of photos (oh yes, there will be photos), but let me first tell you a little something about myself. We might have more in common than you think:

I became a mother (and a wife and an adult) far earlier than I ever imagined — 22 years old, to be exact — which was a bit of a scandal, to me, in my perfectly structured world where I had to-do lists and goals and a profession to launch. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t met with a fair amount of judgement, snide remarks, and a few heaping piles of pity. People my age were partying, dating, cramming for grad school tests — not (gasp!) starting a family.

My life was planned in perfectly straight lines — step-by-step, with motherhood landing somewhere around step 32 — until one pregnancy test took my Etch-A-Sketch world and shook…hard. It shook and flipped and shook until I was left with a blank screen and a positive stick. Blank.


And now? Now I still have to-do lists and goals and a profession that I’m continuing to launch, but I’m also a mother. Which means that my to-do list is bigger, my goals re-focused, and I have multiple professions — one of which may or may not require handling poop on any given day.

I’m a writer and a blogger (not far from the editorial path I originally envisioned), yet everything in my life — professionally and personally — centers around an experience that I was so afraid would change me, stall me, stop me from being who I was.

And it did change me…into the person I always wanted to be.

That’s the real magic. He’s my magic.

michelle horton

More about me: My son is now 3 and he finally (fie-nah-lee) uses the toilet, which means I currently have a marching band parading in my head, throwing confetti and happiness. My husband and I are in that should-we-or-shouldn’t-we stage about having a second baby, but now that my sister is pregnant (I’m going to be an AUNT!) I figure I’ll just ride on her baby wave for now. My biggest guilty pleasures are Bravo Housewives and Skinnygirl cocktails (clearly anything with roots at Bravo), and I’m pretty sure I’ve found more uses for swaddle blankets than the average parent.

If you had children earlier on the parenting spectrum — earlier than you expected, “they” expected, society expected — I have a nice cozy community over on my site Early Mama. I’d love for you to come join us, whether it’s for inspiration, support, or just a good read. You can also find me here and here.

Otherwise I’ll catch you around on Disney Baby. I can’t wait to meet you.

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