7 Ideas For Halloween Pregnancy ~ Painting Your Belly

In exactly two more weeks it will be Halloween! We’ve covered some pretty cute baby costumes so far, from Disney-themed costumes and breakfast/foodie outfits to leg warmers and even photo props for babies, but what I have yet to cover is the expectant mom. Speaking of expectant moms and Halloween, my colleague Janssen Bradshaw recently put together a cute round-up of Halloween tees for pregnant mamas, all of which are quite cute.

Painting your pregnant belly is very different idea that is also super fun.

  • Painted Halloween Belly Ideas

    Painted Halloween Belly Ideas

    Painting your pregnant belly for Halloween is a super fun idea that doesn’t require any dressing up and doesn’t cost much. The Jack o Lantern idea in the left slide is definitely a classic!

    Photo credit: Flickr/Rockjammer.

  • Jack o Lantern

    Jack o Lantern

    Need some more details from the first slide? I really do think that this Jack o Lantern belly is one of my favorites. If you were to hold your belly in your hands and draped a black cardigan over the rest of your torso, if would look as though you are carrying a lit up pumpkin!

    Photo credit: Flickr/Rockjammer.

  • Under The Sea

    Under The Sea

    “Under the sea, under the sea.”

    Now I have the Little Mermaid stuck in my head! This gorgeous example of an ‘Under the Sea’ design is bright, bold and beautiful. Although it would work regardless of where you live, I think this is a fun idea for expectant moms who live in warmer climates.

    Photo credit: Flickr/Dataceptionist.

  • Flower Power

    Flower Power

    A chain of flowers or floral designs, is a fun way to dress up your belly button in particular ;).

    Photo credit: Flickr/OddHarmonic.

  • Bouncing Tigger

    Bouncing Tigger

    Why, hello there Tigger! The bouncing tiger peeks out from a tree top on mama’s belly with this fun and colorful design. As you can see, the artist used the mom’s belly as a canvas. There is really no hard or fast rule for painting bellies, you can modify the designs shown and paint any character instead if you prefer.

    Photo credit: Flickr/Krabami.

  • Funny Pumpkin

    Funny Pumpkin

    Looking for something with a touch of humor? I love this googly eyed pumpkin face. It’s simple, funny and on target with the season.

    Photo credit: Flickr/SonnetGothro.

  • Watermelon


    During the end of my pregnancy, I definitely felt as though I was carrying a watermelon in my belly. The term is quite common as I’ve heard many mothers say the same. There are many ways and variations with this design idea. You could paint a slice of watermelon, as shown in the photo on your left, or you could paint a whole watermelon complete with the green rind.

    Photo credit: Flickr/OddHarmonic.

By planning it out in advance (designs, colors, etc) you can create some pretty cool looks. The following seven picks are range from traditional seasonal ideas like pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns to underwater and even Disney-themed ideas. Always remember to use safe paints on your belly. Latex, acrylic and poster paints are not safe for the skin and are not approved for body use.

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