Documenting The Last Weeks – The Big Belly Project

I’m fairly inconsistent when it comes to documenting things.  For instance, I never completed that monthly photo series with either of my kids that is ever so popular; where you place your child in the same spot every month and document how much they change in comparison to their surroundings.  Believe me, I wish I had, but I just never seem to remember to take the pictures or make the notations in the journal at the right time.  Same goes with this pregnancy progress.  Sure I have lots of pictures of myself, but not a lot of “bump progress” pics where you can see my belly grow each week.  But I came up with an idea lat week to at least get documentation of the final weeks of this pregnancy that I’m finding to be quite fun.


A fun way to document pregnancy progressIt came about during the middle of a hike out in the woods during our road trip last week.  It struck me as funny that here I was 35 weeks pregnant, out hiking around and so I asked my husband to take a picture of me and the belly.  After he took it, I ended up cropping it for Instagram with the caption “big belly on a hike.”  For some reason I thought of that popular character Flat Stanley and all the adventures he goes on, and it sounds silly, but it reminded me of my belly and all the places we’ve gone and continue to go on our little pregnancy adventure.

Thus, the Big Belly project was born.  For the final weeks of my pregnancy I’m randomly taking pictures of the belly out and about.  I always have my iPhone on me so it’s easy and I don’t have to try and remember to take the pictures in the same spot and time each week.  In fact the whole point of the project is to take them in random, different places along my pregnancy journey.  Most recently Big Belly has been to the beach, Downtown Disney for dinner with friends, and sitting next to a fire pit on a date night with my husband.

I have a feeling that this kind of documentation process I can get behind, and will follow through with.  It’s kind of become a little game now and even the kids are telling me where I should take pictures.  Last week they begged me to take a picture of the Big Belly devouring a milk shake.  I obliged, but never posted it for the world to see ;)

So did you document your pregnancy journey, and if so, how did you do it?  Were you routine and consistent about it, or were you more loose and carefree?

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