Do You Still Send Birth Announcements?

In an age of email, social networking, and blogs are birth announcements becoming obsolete?

We sent them out for Ella’s birth about six weeks after the fact, but we assumed nearly everyone we sent them to had already seen plenty of pictures of her and certainly knew about her arrival. It was absolutely more of a formality than anything.

Blog Announcement

And I won’t lie, it’s a little bit of a hassle to find JUST the right picture, design or purchase a card, make a list of recipients, gather addresses, stuff/address/stamp all the envelopes, and finally get them in the mail. Not to mention that email and Instagram are free, where stamps are decidedly not.

Since our next baby is due so close to Christmas, I’m sure we’ll just do a combined announcement/Christmas card. Or maybe we’ll just send an email.

Do you send out baby announcements?

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