The Best Advice For New Mothers

At nearly 38 weeks pregnant, the idea that I’ll be welcoming my first child this summer – a daughter! – is becoming very real indeed. And although I’d love to say there’s nothing but excitement brewing, to be honest? My nerves are getting the best of me. How will I juggle it all? Will I be able to maintain my sanity amidst diapers, onesies, late-night feedings and endless laundry loads?

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Just when I was beginning to sink into a spiral of new mother anxiety, a girlfriend sent me the following [insanely comforting] advice:

“Every mom worth her salt is terrified. EVERY one of them. It doesn’t go away. This is the downside of motherhood. But here’s the good news:

1. The fact that you’re terrified is a good thing. You’re going to be a GREAT mom. Only the bad moms have no fear.
2. You live in a country where it is easy to get help. You have in-laws, you have people who can come clean, you have friends who’ve been through this.
3. You are stronger than you know. You really are. You will shock yourself with your strength when the time comes.
4. And when the baby is here, you will be surprised at how much instinct will just kick in.


So. Go be terrified. But know that there are all kinds of safety nets beneath you. And YOU WILL BE FINE.”

And although I’ve heard some sort of combination of my sweet friend’s advice numerous times, her words healed my every worry. Because she’s right. Terror stems from sheer emotion, and emotion is what I want to give my daughter. Pure, raw (and sometimes yes, terrified!) emotion.

So new mothers, expectant mothers, or mothers who are juggling 832 plates while walking the tightrope of parenthood: take heart. We’re all going to be fine indeed.

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