A Word to Those Hoping for a Baby

As I see my sweet baby’s face light up every time he catches a glimpse of me and can’t imagine feeling more joy, I’m reminded of last summer. I’m reminded of going to the doctor at least once a week. I’m reminded of the failed fertility treatments. I’m reminded of the dreaded waiting period. I’m reminded of finally seeing that positive sign. I’m reminded of the tears that were shed. And I’m reminded of those who are still playing the waiting game. This post is for you.


I want to tell you that if the time comes when you are blessed with a baby (in whatever way that that becomes possible for you), when you hold that baby and watch them grow and fall in love with them more and more, you will know that there is no more perfect child for you. You won’t be able to imagine it any other way and you will know the waiting and the pain was worth it.

I remember my friend telling me this when my husband and I were in the thick of infertility and I’m not sure I wanted to hear it. I bitterly thought, “that’s easy for you to say since you have two kids,” but that was the lost hope speaking. Now with perspective I cannot tell you how true those words are.

I know it’s hard. I’m cheering for you.

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