A Simple Trick for Buying Yourself More Time to Get Ready in the Morning

Let’s be real…finding the time to actually “get ready” when you’re chasing after a busy toddler just doesn’t happen some days. But, recently I discovered a simple solution to my dilemma and now I can easily spend a half hour getting ready every morning and my 18-month-old is perfectly content. Here’s how…

The Perfect Gift For Your Minnie Me



Because my 18-month-old daughter loves nothing better than doing what mama does, I gave her her very own designated bathroom drawer. In it, there are old makeup brushes, combs, cups, and other child-safe bathroom odds and ends. Now while I’m getting ready in the morning, she will sit on her little bathroom stool in front of the mirror and mimic what I’m doing by “putting on makeup” (i.e. rubbing clean makeup brushes on her face) and doing her hair. It makes getting ready much more enjoyable for the both of us.

And I’m actually thinking of adding this cool Minnie Mouse Beauty Set to her bathroom drawer as a fun surprise. She’s been really interested in my curling wand lately, so I think she’d love having her own little curling iron as well as the lipstick…my girl CRIES when I refuse to put lipstick on her, so this would make her feel like she’s a part of the fun!

So there you have it. A simple, yet effective way to include your little one in your getting ready routine. Not only are you modeling good grooming for them, but you’re buying yourself extra time in the process. It’s a win/win!

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