A Mother’s Love

Before I gave birth to my second daughter, Ingrid, I read the book, The Birth House, by Ami McKay. I remember a line from the book about an old French saying, “L’amour de Maman,” or “a mother’s love.” That phrase has stuck with me the past year, as a simple yet poignant way of capturing the unconditional and immediate love I feel for my children each and every day. This Mother’s Day, 14 mothers share their love for their children…

  • The Moment

    The moment you become a mother, you are forever changed. You are filled with love and hope and you begin to see the world with new eyes.

    From Lacy of Living on Love

  • Intoxicating

    Everything about her was intoxicating to me. Her tender skin, her soft hair, her delicate features. I couldn’t get enough of watching her, studying her…

    From Cathy of Nap Time Creations MO

  • Sweet Moments

    Sweet Moments

    One of the sweetest moments as a mother is the feeling of a baby asleep on your chest. These are the things you miss after they get older, but they are replaced with other sweet moments – like hugs and kisses on request, and the first time he says “I love you, Mama.” — Jodi

  • Magical and Complete

    This year was magical. This year was complete. I always knew I wanted to have just two kids so for me the unit was complete and our story was starting to be told. This year we were a family. Cooper was 1 and Aydan was 2 and a half – just the right age to interact and get into a little mischief. This year I really felt like I owned the title of mom.

    From Jen of Experience the Wonderful

  • A Journey

    A Journey

    When you were born, I couldn’t believe you had finally arrived. I couldn’t believe we were starting this new journey together. — Lauren

  • Letting Go

    Mothering a son means praying for the other woman in his life; the one that will hold the hands that I have held and taste the lips that I have fed. Mothering a son means learning to love, while letting go a little each and every day.

    From Chaunie of Tiny Blue Lines

  • Every Moment

    As my littlest grows her time spent resting on my chest lessens. Each time it does happen I find myself savoring every moment knowing that before I know it she will no longer slumber to the sound of my heartbeat. I will cherish these moments for always.

    From Krishann of His Mrs. Her Mr.

  • Memories to Cherish

    This is one of my favorite pics of Lily & me. We were visiting a butterfly rainforest, one of our favorite outings when we lived in Gainesville. I love that you can see her little hand playing with my necklace. She still does this two years later whenever I can get her to stop running and snuggle me.

    From Ashley of Lily & Gus

  • My Heart Melts

    My Heart Melts

    My favorite memory so far is seeing Rex smile and laugh. Whenever he looks at me and we both can’t stop smiling at each other, my heart melts! — Emily

  • Amazing

    There is nothing in this world more amazing than seeing someone that has become so dear to you become a Mother, to witness the raw, oxytocin-filled exchanges between her and her new baby. It’s just incredible.

    From Kaite at Momma Kat Shoots

  • Sharing of Warmth

    I try to engrave these moments into my memory, the synching of our breathe, the sharing of our warmth, the way her small round cheek feels resting upon the skin of my breast for I am wise enough to know these moments are finite, the ones I will miss most when they have passed.

    From Sara of Berries and Graphite

  • Full of Life

    Full of Life

    A few months ago, I was rocking my fussy baby girl in the wee hours of the morning. I was exhausted and not sure if I could really handle being a mother. Suddenly, a song came on that rocked my world. I realized it was exactly the definition of motherhood…releasing myself from selfishness and having the heart of a servant to consider my daughter better. In some bizarre truth, dying to myself has never been more full of life. — Jenny

  • Absolutely New

    “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” – Rajneesh

    From Erin of Design for Minikind, image credit Woodnote Photography

  • The Luckiest

    Any time I look at photos of the girl and me when she was a baby, I feel like I’ve lived a miracle. It took three years, a few miscarriages and a couple of adoptions going sideways before we had her. She’s now 7 and not a day goes by that I don’t feel like the luckiest mom around.

    From Sandra of Raincoast Creative Salon

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