5 Things You’ll Miss About Pregnancy

Let’s face it: Pregnancy comes with its ups and downs — and some women have more downs than others.

Whether you’re feeling apprehensive in the beginning of your pregnancy, or you’re counting down the days until the almighty Due Date, let’s take a moment and recognize the parts of pregnancy that you’ll miss when it’s over:

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1. The kindness and attention
The smiles from strangers as you pass on the street, the doors that are consistently being held for you, the subway seats that are given up for your front-heavy frame, the parties thrown in your honor — a girl could get used to it. (And soak up the attention now, because soon you’ll be second fiddle to the little person in your arms.)

I vividly remember making a last-minute Babies ‘R Us run during that first postpartum week — me waddling into the store with a giant maxi pad between my legs, breasts leaking under my coat, eyes bleary from sleep deprivation — and I felt a distinct lack of empathy that my previous 9-month baby belly guaranteed. I remember thinking that I needed the kind smiles and Good-Samaritan help now more than ever!


2. The secret
That moment where you’re in a work meeting discussing budgets or deadlines or whatever trivial matters are pressing at the moment, and no one else in the room knows the flipping and kicking going on inside of your body. No one else can tell that there’s a person hiccuping inside of you — and you can’t help but smile. It’s like a secret club with only two members.

3. Those quiet bonding moments
Driving home from the office, quietly talking (or even just thinking) to your unborn baby; cradling your stomach while he rocks and squirms inside — completely undetectable to outside eyes; laying at the doctor’s office while you hear a second heartbeat alongside your own. There’s absolutely nothing in this world comparable to sharing your body with another person.

4. The convenience of toting along your baby
There’s something so sweet and comforting about bringing your baby along with you everywhere you go — whether you’re jogging down the road or heading into an important meeting. And it’s infinitely more convenient than the bags of diapers, clothes, and gear that you’ll need once your baby’s on the outside.

5. That superficial something
Most pregnant women have something superficial that’s better during pregnancy — whether it’s thicker hair, longer nails, “glowing” skin, or just a fuller cup size. Sure you’ll be happy to have your waist and ankles back to normal, but there’s probably one superficial pregnancy perk that you’ll miss.

What about you? Will you miss the anticipation of your baby’s week-by-week development, or the excitement of naming your unborn child? How about the motivation to be healthier? What will you/do you miss about pregnancy?

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