5 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Become a Mother

Motherhood has always been a fairly intimidating realm for me, as it seems today’s society focuses on the Stress! Sacrifice! Crumbs! of parenting a wee one. Yet amidst all of the hard work (and I’m quite sure it’s going to be very, very hard work!), I’ve been spending the last few weeks of my pregnancy journey daydreaming about all of the magical aspects of motherhood: the hugs, giggles. and pure joy. And although I have a feeling I might need to re-visit this post when I’m six months into the gig with a fussy baby in aisle nine, here are 5 inspiring reasons I can’t wait to embark on this thrill ride:

nursery bookshelf1. Chubby knees.
If you say that chubby knees and elbows don’t phase you in the slightest, I’d ask if your blood pressure is within the range of “normal human being.” Perfectly squeezable, I can’t wait to welcome two knees, two elbows and one plump little babe into our household.


2. The smell of baby.
OK, so there are less than ideal baby smells that come with the territory, but that sweet smell of a freshly washed newborn babe? It’s tough to beat. Here’s to many months of clean baby heads and forehead smooches.

3. Daily milestones.
I’ve heard it said that watching a baby is like watching a warm, glowing fire – ever-changing, evolving and growing by the minute. I can’t wait to slow life down a bit to simply marvel at the beauty of humanity in such a teeny, perfect form!

4. The connection to other women.
There is something beautiful that happens when mothers bond over advice, tips, tricks and even pitfalls. Motherhood is a true community of support and love, and I’m so excited to join that circle in just a few weeks!

5. The shape of the future.
Although nothing is more intimidating than realizing you have a hand in shaping a future generation, there is something so incredibly heartwarming and empowering about the idea. I simply can’t wait to teach this little child everything we know!

What about you, friends? Any expectant mamas making lists similar to mine? And seasoned mothers – what are some of your favorite moments of parenting? May we all bask in the daily delights of motherhood – despite all of those cracker crumbs, of course.

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