5 Products We Haven’t Used the First Five Months

When I was pregnant I would study baby essential lists like I was preparing for a college final. I wanted to strike that balance of owning the essentials without overbuying and have several things go to waste. I’d often find myself in the store debating whether I should add an item to the cart and asking myself, “How much would we use this? Can we make do without?” I’m sure many of you are in the same boat so I’ve made a list of five items we haven’t ended up using much. Maybe looking through this can save you a purchase or two. 

  • Baby Monitor

    Baby Monitor

    One thing I learned very quickly is that Beck doesn’t cry often but when he does, it is loud. So loud, that I can hear it from any room of the house. Add that with mom ears and you don’t need a monitor. Of course if your house is sprawling and your baby has a soft cry, you will need one. Your call.

    This one is pictured here.

  • Diaper Pail

    Diaper Pail

    Instead of taking up valuable space, we decided just to use plastic shopping bags to easily dispose of the diapers. We do it often so that there’s no lingering odor.

    This pail is pictured here.

  • Playard


    We have a bassinet and crib and haven’t stayed over night in too many places since Beck was born so the playard has stayed stowed.

    This one is pictured here.

  • Baby Swing

    Baby Swing

    The fact that we don’t own one of these was out of a little bit of laziness on my part. I couldn’t find one that didn’t take up way too much space, was reasonably priced and didn’t require batteries so I gave up. And I’ve found that if you don’t own it, you don’t miss it. You make do without.

    This one is pictured here.

  • Changing Table/Pad

    Changing Table/Pad

    I knew that a table was unnecessary but I thought I still wanted a pad. Then when Beck was a couple days old and my frugal husband went out to buy one and thought that $30 was too much for something we could just use a towel for. Yes, it’s cheap of us but it works.

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