35 Baby Names Inspired By Nature

Baby names are something we probably started thinking about long before we ever got pregnant and something that some people have had picked out since they were children themselves. Choosing your baby’s name is an incredibly important decision that will affect your child for the rest of their life so it’s important to pick a name that is meaningful and that you really like…you’re going to be using it a LOT. I am rather partial to nature inspired baby names (I did name my baby “Fern” after all!), so I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorites. Hopefully they can help inspire you!

35 Nature Inspired Baby Names

1. FernGreen shade-loving plant

2. Winter: Winter; the season

3. Ocean: The ocean

4. Alder: Alder Tree

5. Violet: Purple flower

6. Poppy: From the flower

7. Aster: Star

8. Autumn: Autumn, the season


9. Birch: Birch tree

10. Ivy: A vine

11. Clementine: A variety of orange

12. Daisy: Daisy flower

13. Fawn: Young deer

14. Huckleberry: Sweet berry

15. FinchA type of small bird

16. River: From the river

17. Iris: Colorful, rainbow

18. Juniper: Juniper berry

19. Lark: Songbird

20. Plum: Fruit name

21. Luna: The moon

22. Meadow: Beautiful field

23. Rose: Of the rose blossom

24. Sage: From the spice

25. Olive: Olive branch

26. Brook: Running stream

27. Glenn: A secluded, woody alley

28. Ash: From the ash tree

29. Rowan: Rowan tree

30. Sorrel: A type of European plant

31. Sky: The sky

32. Forrest: Of the woods, forest

33. Wren: Small bird

34. Willow: From the willow tree

35. Clover: Meadow flower

What is your baby’s name? How did you choose it?


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