10 Products We’ve Used the Most in the First Four Months

When I was pregnant I would study baby essential lists (this one from Joy was my favorite) like I was preparing for a college final. I wanted to strike that balance of owning the essentials without overbuying and have several things go to waste. I’d often find myself in the store debating whether I should add an item to the cart and asking myself, “How much would we use this? Can we make do without?” I’m sure many of you are in the same boat so I’ve made a list of ten items we’ve used the most (except the obvious things like diapers and a car seat) this first four months. I’m sure these things will change as Beck gets older and other parents might disagree with my essentials but I hope this is a helpful starting point for those in the nesting game.

  • Baby Carrier

    Baby Carrier

    There are a lot of different carriers to choose from. My suggestion would be to go to a store that carries several varieties and try them on to see which ones feel most comfortable to you. Maybe you can borrow a friend’s baby.

  • Baby Bath Essentials

    Baby Bath Essentials

    There comes a time when you’ll need to clean out the linty fingers and dry milk necks. You’ll need a simple baby tub (we use a sponge one), a washcloth and baby soap. Simple but essential.

  • Stroller


    Just like baby carriers, there are a ton of strollers to choose from as well. We went with a all terrain type that works as a jogger too but before purchasing, ask yourself what you’ll most be using it for. If it’s just for strolls around the block, you can get a basic one.

  • Pacifier


    Some babies don’t ever take pacifiers and that’s okay but for the crying baby that it will soothe, they are miracle workers. We still use the one we got from the hospital.

  • Play Gym

    Play Gym

    These are fun to have when your baby starts fixating on objects and becomes more interactive. It will entertain them for a long time.

  • Nursing Pillow

    Nursing Pillow

    If you plan on nursing, this is a must. Especially for those long feedings at first. You’re arm will thank you.

  • Swaddle Blankets

    Swaddle Blankets

    Hands down, I think this has been our #1 essential. It assures baby doesn’t wake himself up by those flailing hands and it’s a method of soothing.

  • Bottle Essentials

    Bottle Essentials

    Due to some unforeseen nursing issues, we are using a bottle way more than I predicted. I’m so happy my sister gifted me a bottle drying rack, something I didn’t think we would need. They’re also handy for a drying breast pump. You’ll also want bottles (duh!) and a bottle brush.

  • Simple Baby Clothes

    Simple Baby Clothes

    It’s definitely fun to shop for cute (and sometimes impractical) baby clothes but when they’re teeny tiny at first, lots of things don’t fit. We swore by these kimono tops (easy diaper changes!) during the first few weeks and still love basic bodysuits and footsie pajamas. Think easy access for the teeny clothes.

  • Bouncy Chair

    Bouncy Chair

    I don’t know if I would have bought this if we didn’t get it as a hand-me-down but we use it all the time for naps, playing while dinner is prepared and a safe spot to sit baby while I take a shower.


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