Push, Pull, and Roll: 7 Disney Toys That Encourage Mobility

We celebrated baby Paul’s first birthday last month. And since he’s not walking quite yet, his birthday gifts primarily focused on toys he could roll, push, and pull across our wood floors. Basically, toys that would encourage movement and mobility, and toys that would grow with him as he became older and stronger.

One toy that has quickly become a family favorite (my 3 and 5 year old kids also play with it often) is the Amazing Animals™ Sing-Along Choo-Choo from Fisher-Price. It has a few fun moving parts, some classic Disney friends like Dumbo, Simba and Lucky, and even plays a few classic Disney sing-along songs while the smoke stack lights up. And the best part? It has an on-off button, for the times we just want the toys to take a nap (I know you know what I mean).


You do know what I mean, right?

Encouraging Mobility: 7 disney toys that roll

Anyway, while I was shopping for Paul’s first birthday, I realized Disney has a ton of toys that fit into the “push, pull and roll” category. I found myself spending a ton of time deciding just what toy would be perfect for him. Here are a few of my favorite:

7 Disney toys that roll, perfect for crawlers:

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