Winter Wonderland: The Most Adorable DIY Snow Owl Themed Baby Shower Ideas!

Are you expecting a baby this holiday season and throwing your own baby shower? Hosting one for a friend or family member?

This festive, winter owl themed baby shower will have the mama, babe (in tummy or out) and guests feeling loved, cozy and happy! Perfect for the evening, there’s never been a more romantic baby shower than this. The best part is that many of these decorations can be used throughout the holidays for all of your seasonal needs.

Ideas, tutorials and found decor items for all of your complementary trimming needs after the jump!

  • It's Easier Than You Think...

    It's Easier Than You Think...

    The perfectly romantic and sweet evening baby shower with a snow owl theme can be yours! Click through for a selection of great ideas, props and DIY’s…

  • Custom Invites

    Custom Invites

    If you really want everything to be colour coordinated you can custom order these cute invites in any shade you want! Red would be the choice for this theme.
    Fine these invites here

  • DIY Welcome Baby Banner

    DIY Welcome Baby Banner

    You’d be surprised with how easy (and what I used!) it is to make your own banner. Tip: since it’s the holidays kill two birds with one stone (if you’ll pardon the pun) and make a couple of festive themed ones at the same time for your seasonal trimming.
    Get the tutorial over on my personal blog le petit reve

  • Props are Your Friend

    Props are Your Friend

    Take a second thought on what you have around the house that you can use for props for your table decor. The snow owl theme was easy for me, since I have a major thing for all things owl. Gathering up props wasn’t hard to do. Click on to discover how I styled this table!

  • The Glory

    The Glory

    The best two things about hosting a baby shower like this is that nearly ALL of the decor items can be used over and over again, especially during the holidays.

  • The Centerpiece: The Key is To Putter & Cluster!

    The Centerpiece: The Key is To Putter & Cluster!

    All of the good things. What you’ll need for the centerpiece:
    fake fur, or up-cycled fur placemats/remnants,
    snow owl figures, various shimmery home/wreath/tree trimming pieces like glittery fern, cattails, cranberry sprigs. Set your table all aglow by scattering simple candles of various heights to compliment your centerpiece. Not a crazy owl lady like me? Different options to purchase up next!

  • In Keeping With The Theme...

    In Keeping With The Theme...

    Grab some of these darling mugs and this sugar dish, and you’ll have them for many years to come – not just the baby shower. I mean, who DOESN”T want owl themed ceramics?
    Find them here

  • Love...


    Is all you need. And owls. You can find nesting letter signs at pretty much any discount home goods store, l already had this one in my home. Also? If you don’t (or can’t find the snow owl figues – I bought mine years ago at a huge sale at FabricLand), you can easily make your own! DIY up next…

  • DIY Decor & Props

    DIY Decor & Props

    If you don’t want to purchase props and decorations for a one shot affair, make them yourself! My suggestion? Hot glue white fuzzy feathers around their heads!
    Get this adorable tutorial over on My Owl Barn

  • Cinnamon Candles

    Cinnamon Candles

    The ultimate sign of a good party are the scents that greet your guests as they arrive. With these you’ll get both a warm glowing ambiance and festive scent.
    Get the tutorial over on Martha Stewart

  • ...Using Items You Can Use Again & Again

    ...Using Items You Can Use Again & Again

    I’m a big fan of repurposing objects that you can use in various different ways, many times. I LOVE these owl ceramic measuring cups that would make perfect little vessels to hold succulents and sugared cranberries as cute arrangements to place on your table or in other areas of the party room.

    Find the succulent cuttings here

    Find the ceramic measuring cups here

    Get the sugared cranberry instructions here

  • Doily & Cranberry Garland

    Doily & Cranberry Garland

    Make and string a few of these up and you can use them again and again throughout the holidays or to trim your tree! Use real cranberries (or grab a string of wooden ones if you aren’t into that) and tape (the double-sided kind) folded doilies over natural cotton string or translucent beading string.

  • Hot Chocolate & More

    Hot Chocolate & More

    Set up a hot drink station for your guests. Have tea bags, coffee, warm-spiced eggnog and hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) available. Cookie jar filled with treats? Mandatory.

  • Dessert & Drink Station = Centre of The Party

    Dessert & Drink Station = Centre of The Party

    Create a warm table-hub of delectable goodies, eye catching decor, both refreshing and warm drinks to greet your guests. Think of varying/contrasting textures, clusters, lux fabrics and keep with the cozy/cute aesthetic that owls have – to transcend into that of what any great baby shower should be.

  • DIY Mason Jar Mugs

    DIY Mason Jar Mugs

    I grabbed a box of 12 extra wide brimmed mason jars for this easy project. Using natural fleece squares (cut from fabric purchased at any material supply store) and candy cane striped twine…I had these little cosies folded and tied to the brim in a few minutes on all 12 jars. Add a cinnamon stick to each jar and you’re set. Make your guests their hot drink of choice, mine was hot chocolate with marshmallows! Clearly you should have a bowl full of the white fluffy confections available within arms reach.

  • Easy Owl Cupcakes!

    Easy Owl Cupcakes!

    How ridiculously adorable are these? The perfect sweet treat to offer guests.
    Get the recipe and simple instructions over on With Sprinkles on Top

  • Dessert Plates For Those Perfect Cupcakes

    Dessert Plates For Those Perfect Cupcakes

    These exquisite plates will serve up many a delectable treat at many a party, not just this one. A worthy splurge for your friend or family member if you’re hosting the shower, or for yourself if you are the host of your own!
    Find them here

  • Give Them Something They'll Treasure

    Give Them Something They'll Treasure

    Your guests will be delighted with these favours after they’ve swooned and drooled over your little succulent and sugared cranberry arrangements. Assemble them yourself by visiting these two different Etsy shops.
    Find the muslin gift sacks here

    Find the mini succulents in tiny terracotta planters here

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