Winnie the Pooh Cupcakes

If your little one loves Winnie the Pooh she’ll adore these cute little cupcakes. Create a crowd of Pooh bears using fondant and edible markers. What makes fondant perfect for busy moms is how simple it is to work with — it’s just like molding clay. Cupcakes frosted with chocolate and vanilla frostings are a classic birthday favorite. Adding Pooh’s iconic face makes them a special first birthday treat!

Winnie the Pooh Cupcakes

You’ll need:

  • Cupcakes, baked from your favorite recipe
  • Chocolate and Vanilla frosting
  • Yellow Fondant, store bought (Wilton brand)
  • 1 1/2” Round fondant cutter
  • 1/2” Round fondant cutter, or a pastry tip
  • Black Edible Marker (Wilton brand)
  • Mini Chocolate chips


1. Frost cooled cupcakes and set aside.

2. Roll out fondant to 1/8” thick and cut a 1 1/2” circle for each cupcake.

3. Pinch one end of the fondant circle to make it pear shaped.

4. Cut 2 ears for each bear using the 1/2” fondant cutter, or the wide end of a pastry tip. These will look like small crescents. Pinch the ears into small circles and press them onto the narrow end of the fondant circle.


5. Press a mini chocolate chip into the center of the fondant, right where the circle starts to narrow.

6. Use the edible marker to add Pooh’s eyes, nose and mouth.

7. Place a fondant Pooh on top of each frosted cupcake.

For more Winnie the Pooh fun, check out the official Winnie the Pooh site.

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