Whip It Up! DIY Holiday Gift Guide for Babies

I love how making your own gifts is becoming more and more accessible (as in easy) since the brilliant resurgence of the popularity of make-it-yourself projects from the 70’s. Except macrame somehow got lost in the shuffle. Which, upsets me – because macrame is AWESOME peoples! The latter of which has nothing to do with these awesome gifts that you can make for your (or someone else’s) baby.

All of the research is done here for those of you who love to craft.

When I share a round-up of  DIY projects here on DB, you can expect an array of tutorials ranging in skill level and time needed, which I’ve labelled quite nicely for you here. Also? These handmade gifts would do well for a baby shower too…not just for the holidays! So keep this roundup pinned (or bookmarked) for future reference!

Have fun looking, dreaming of the possibilities…and get busy!

  • Budget Friendly Gifts For Your Baby...

    Budget Friendly Gifts For Your Baby...

    that you can make yourself!

  • Plush Octopus Sensory Toy

    Plush Octopus Sensory Toy

    Bright contrast, crinkle paper, tentacles…this little sensory toy has it all. Your baby will love it!
    Get the free pattern and instructions via Moda Bake Shop

  • Gauzey Swaddle Blankets

    Gauzey Swaddle Blankets

    We all know how expensive those muslin swaddle blankets can get. With a project as simple as this one…why dish it out?
    Get the easy instructions via Dana Made It

  • Fancy For Baby Boy

    Fancy For Baby Boy

    This bow-tied bodysuit is made by ucyclying man’s dress-shirt. Love the lilac, lavender and hot pink tones going on. WHo says those colours are just for girls? Not me! In fact, I would put this on a boy OR girl. Adorable.
    Get the tutorial vie Sew Mama Sew

  • Crochet Trimmed Bodysuits

    Crochet Trimmed Bodysuits

    PIck up a 5 pack of DB Cuddly Bodysuits, some lace, crochet, and rick-rack trim and have at it!
    Get the super easy tutorial via iCandy Handmade

  • Fabric Beach Balls

    Fabric Beach Balls

    All babies LOVE to play with balls! Especially if they feature vivid colours, different fabric textures and come in various sizes.
    Get the free pattern and instructions via Purl Bee

  • Scalloped Baby Bunting

    Scalloped Baby Bunting

    A sweet little decorative gift for baby’s room, girl or boy! (Since you get to choose whatever fabrics you like).
    Get the free tutorial via Dana Made It

  • Baby Life Quilt

    Baby Life Quilt

    Absolutely darling!
    Get the detailed instructions (and free pattern for the words), via Moda Bake Shop

  • Little Red Riding Hood Stuffie

    Little Red Riding Hood Stuffie

    Making your little one a doll doesn’t have to be difficult with this awesome tutorial!
    Get the instructions via The Long Thread

  • Washcloth Hand Puppets

    Washcloth Hand Puppets

    Two great things in one, which means you (I mean your babies), can play with them outside of the tub too!
    Get the instructions via So You Think You’re Crafty

  • Olliblocks


    Begin with some plain, unfinished wooden blocks – print up a mix and match set, adhere with mod podge and you’re done!
    Get the PDF digital download via Ollibird

  • Big Cuddly Bunny

    Big Cuddly Bunny

    I really, really want to make this. The pattern looks surprisingly easy, but I still categorized this one as needing some skills to pull off, because well – there’s a PATTERN and one has to know how to knit more than a scarf.
    Get the instructions and free PDF download via Purl Bee

  • Box-Fold Felt Flower Headband

    Box-Fold Felt Flower Headband

    So darling for a newborn baby girl, or a baby of any age really! That’s the great thing about making things yourself – personal customizations are usually an option with the easy, pattern free projects.
    Get the tutorial via iCandy Handmade

  • Baby Sleep Sacks

    Baby Sleep Sacks

    One of my favourite tutorials on how to make a sleep sack that will grow with your baby from birth to six months!
    Get the instructions and free pattern download via Running With Scissors

  • Knotted Jersey Headband

    Knotted Jersey Headband

    Another easy (and ridiculously cute) headband for a baby girl.
    Get the instructions via Love Stitched

  • Knitted baby Sleeping Bag

    Knitted baby Sleeping Bag

    So soft, so warm and stunning. This would take some mad knitting skills to create – a definite heirloom/keepsake worthy piece.
    Get the pattern via Ravelry

  • Reversible Baby Bib

    Reversible Baby Bib

    I am especially amused by the placement of the bib here. Clearly, bibs don’t just benefit babies.
    Get the instructions and free pattern download via Prudent Baby

  • Baby Pull-Over

    Baby Pull-Over

    This gorgeous knitted sweater had me at hello. I wish I had the skills. Perhaps you (or someone you know), does!
    Get the free pattern download and instructions via Purl Bee

  • Baby Play Mat

    Baby Play Mat

    Genius, I know. And relatively easy.
    Get the tutorial via I am Momma, Hear Me Roar

  • Baby Moccs

    Baby Moccs

    Surprisingly simple to make, and so sweet.
    Get all three easy tutorials over on a Beautiful Mess
    If you like these, you’ll LOVE THESE! (Plus a couple for the mamas)

  • Infant Carseat & Stroller Toys

    Infant Carseat & Stroller Toys

    Way easy on you (to make) and your pocket-book.
    Get the instructions via Made by Joel

  • Upcycled Sweater Hats

    Upcycled Sweater Hats

    Free-style, easy, adorableness here. Just use old sweaters and you imagination!
    Get the easy instructions via Joybox

  • Sun Ray Crinkle Tag Toy

    Sun Ray Crinkle Tag Toy

    Another great (mess-free) sensory toy for little babies. This time with taggies!
    Get the instructions via Made by Joel

  • Top Knot Baby Hat

    Top Knot Baby Hat

    So easy to make and really cute!
    Get the instructions via Prudent Baby

  • Pouf For Baby

    Pouf For Baby

    Uhm, you just died from cute right?
    Get the easy tutorial over on Emmy Lizzy

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