Welcome to the World Baby Shower

I love throwing a party for any occasion but one of my favorite things to celebrate is a new mama and the imminent arrival of her baby. I’m fortunate enough to have extremely thoughtful friends with impeccable taste who went all out for my Welcome to the World shower. I wanted to share some of the lovely photos with you today even though it was six months ago. It’s just too good not to! Maybe you’ll be inspired for the next one you’re in charge of.

  • Invitations


    The invitations were packaged in a handmade envelope made from a map. It made me excited before I even opened it up.

  • Down to the Last Detail

    Down to the Last Detail

    Everything down to the wrapping of the presents fit with the theme. Now that’s really focusing on the details.

  • Decorated Mantle

    Decorated Mantle

    The oversized map was a last minute addition that fit perfectly.

  • Tasty Bites + Sweet Sips

    Tasty Bites + Sweet Sips

    There’s nothing a pregnant woman loves more than a good meal and the food spread didn’t disappoint. Of course it looked really pretty too.

  • Welcome to the World

    Welcome to the World

    I absolutely loved the theme of the shower. Mykol borrowed globes from her mom’s collection to fill the house with them. And those adorable cake pops tasted amazing!

  • It's a Boy!

    It's a Boy!

    It’s funny looking back at this photo because I can’t remember even being that big. I was so excited for my little boy to join the world!

All photos by Diana of Yan Photo (you can see more on her blog!)

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