What a New Mama Really Wants (& NEEDS!)

Imagine there was a baby registry wherein one could check off every single item on the list from below? I think it’s called Amazon – but even there – you can’t get all of these things.

For those of you with a new mama in your life (or maybe you are one yourself), these are all of the TOP things I could not live without during the first few months of life with a precious newborn…

(Uhm, actually – since we’re being honest, most of them are still toppers for me).

  • Never mind all that other stuff...

    Never mind all that other stuff...

    These are the Top 10 things that every new mama will actually want (and need), even if she doesn’t know it yet. Yes, I am proclaiming to be an expert on this. It doesn’t happen often, so.

  • Convertible Swing / Seat

    Convertible Swing / Seat

    That you can plug into wall. Cutting down on major battery consumption, especially if they have a colicky baby (like I did). That swing and chair will get some MAJOR mileage.
    Get it for $89.99 via Babies “R” Us

  • Really Good Nursing Bras

    Really Good Nursing Bras

    At first, we want comfort. We want soft, luxurious, expandable and breathable cotton that will still give us some support. We want to sleep with it on at night, because, y’know – we are likely leaking and wearing nursing pads, and it’s more comfortable to keep the girls contained when they are all engorged. There will come a time, when we’re still nursing, that we might want to feel sexy again.
    Learn more about the Medela Comfort Nursing Bra and La Lech League Padded Contour Bra here.

  • Meals on Wheels?

    Meals on Wheels?

    DB’s own Janseen Bradshaw put together this awesome roundup of tasty and easy make-ahead meals for busy parents. No one fits the bill better for needing this than a new mama. (And pappa). Bringing over a bunch of freezer friendly meals for a set of new parents is truly one of the BEST THINGS you could do. Especially if they have other littles. Also? Give their bathroom a run through and toss a load of laundry in for them. Take their dog for a walk. Don’t expect to be served high tea and crumpets.
    Find Janseen’s round-up of recipes here!

  • Laundry Services

    Laundry Services

    I mean, OBVIOUSLY. Right? Google is your friend. Just like when you type in ‘completely wrong’ (so unrelated but I had to squeeze this in here somewhere) into your Google search bar, the same goes for looking up local laundry services that pick up and deliver. As the internets, and ye shall find. My favourite site for deals on this kid of stuff is groupon, as you can see.
    Photo Credit: Groupon

  • Worthy Splurge Item: a Non-Diaper Looking Diaper Bag

    Worthy Splurge Item: a Non-Diaper Looking Diaper Bag

    It’s as simple as that. Everything changes after we have a baby. Our bodies, our hair, our minds, our hearts, the clothes we can wear. All we’ve got left are bags and shoes. Especially in the first few months. Remember this. It’s also key that she’s able to wipe it down and out so it doesn’t start to reek to the high heavens.
    Get if for $198.50 over on Disney Baby



    I cannot stress this enough. Unless of course she’s some type of weird alien (love you! And you!) who doesn’t drink it. Also? You should know your coffee drinker. Some are complete snobs about it (me) and only use a french press and/or stainless steel espresso maker. The rest of my house could be tumbling down, but there would still be this. Some dig a thermal, programmable contraption that grinds fresh beans each brew. Whatever their preferences…know them and respect them.
    Find these in all of their glory, right here.

  • Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Services

    More Groupon-y goodness. We found a fabulous cleaning service this way – back when Abby (my 2nd) was first born. Haven’t looked back. Nope. Not once. As a work at home mama, I fully testify to and revel in the fact that I don’t/can’t do it all.
    Find a great deal on cleaning services via Groupon

  • Luxury Bath Care Items

    Luxury Bath Care Items

    The kinds that are gentle enough for both her and baby to use. They’ll probably be doing lots of bathing/bonding together in the tub, so products like these makes it easy and delicious. The gift set includes an 8 oz TOUCH Body Butter; 4 oz DREAM Sleep Mist, 2 oz SHARE Calming Oil and a 3 oz LOVE Cleansing Bar.
    Get it for $60 via Basq

  • No More Infomercials

    No More Infomercials

    First things first, yes I clearly have dark taste in T.V. Of this I am not alone. Find out what her favourite shows are, or introduce her to something that she’ll love. Any of of her faves can be found in box set series’ on Amazon, just take a gander.
    Or find my favourites, right here!

  • Help With The Other Kids

    Help With The Other Kids

    There’s nothing better than having a community of other mothers around you to help with the load. Take our older kids out for dinner, or to the park, or the library. Something. Anything. We (and they), will be eternally grateful.
    Photo of me and some of mah ladies taken via Vistoria Vaughn Photography

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