The Best Book-Themed Baby Shower Ideas

I’ve spent the last few days researching creative baby shower themes for an upcoming post (stay tuned!), and I stumbled on so many brilliant ideas for a book-themed baby shower. This happens to be my favorite baby shower idea, I should mention, because it was my baby shower theme. Our guests brought their favorite new or used children’s books in lieu of cards, in order to build our son’s library collection — and I can’t tell you how lovely and full his library is now.

This was before I knew about party-planning and parenting blogs, of course, and long before Pinterest existed. So now having searched around, I have some major why didn’t I think of that? regrets. But you? You are in luck, my friends.

To give you better ideas than I had, I rounded up my favorite tutorials, print-outs, and ideas for a book-themed baby shower:

  • Pick a Variety of Classic Children's Books

    Pick a Variety of Classic Children's Books

    So many classic children’s books have decor and menu ideas built right in. This party (by Meleka of See MMJ Events) built a well-rounded menu from books such as Green Eggs and Ham (green deviled eggs and ham sandwiches), Strega Nona (pasta salad), and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (meatballs).

    See more photos and ideas from Hostess with the Mostess.

  • Or Choose ONE Book

    Or Choose ONE Book

    Like this Velveteen Rabbit party that included vintage spools of thread, small jars of buttons, and textural elements like burlap, cotton, and velvet. And all guests wrote a note to the baby inside of The Velveteen Rabbit, which is a great idea for any book-themed baby shower.

    See more of this party from Hostess with the Mostess.

  • Make it a Bedtime Stories Theme

    Make it a Bedtime Stories Theme

    Although you can use any and all books that you’d like, making it a “bedtime story” baby shower changes the decor and overall feel of the party.

    Print and make this Storybook Baby Shower Invitation from Pottery Barn Kids.

  • (Vintage) Golden Books

    (Vintage) Golden Books

    This book baby shower centers around those classic Golden Books — made complete with vintage toys, vintage candy, and plenty of books.

    See more photos and ideas from this party (including free printables) from Aesthetic Nest.

  • Library Baby Shower

    Library Baby Shower

    If you prefer your baby shower to center around a “library” theme, it doesn’t get much more perfect than this customizable and printable library card invitation. This Etsy shop even offers library card thank you notes for after the baby shower.

    Buy these printable invitations ($14) from the Etsy shop lil Mop Top.

  • The Beginning of a New Chapter

    The Beginning of a New Chapter

    A “New Chapter” theme is also a good way to incorporate books into the baby shower.

    Print these free invitations and bookmarks from (designed by Rifle Paper Co.).

  • DIY Personalized Book Plates

    DIY Personalized Book Plates

    No matter what kind of invitation you send, include personalized book plates for guests to fill out and glue inside of their books.

    Print these from Pottery Barn Kids.

  • Book Party Menu

    Book Party Menu

    A clever way to display your book party menu is on a stack of books. (This baby shower centered around classic fairytales, which is yet another direction to go with this theme.)

    See more of this vintage storybook shower from Kojo Designs.

  • Book Garland

    Book Garland

    This book garland (made by Martha Stewart) would look beautiful suspended over your buffet table.

    See the full tutorial from

  • DIY Storybook Lantern Decorations

    DIY Storybook Lantern Decorations

    Pottery Barn Kids has another smart DIY idea: storybook lanterns.

    See the video tutorial from Pottery Barn Kids.

  • Use Books and Book Pages

    Use Books and Book Pages

    Here’s an affordable way to add decor to your book-themed baby shower.

    See more photos of this Book Party from Amelie’s House.

  • Have Themed Tables

    Have Themed Tables

    If you’ll be having multiple tables for guests to sit and eat, I love the idea of making each table a book theme. For instance, prop up Corduroy on one table and scatter some buttons, and Madeline on another with an Eiffel Tower centerpiece.

  • Have a Designated Book Drop-Off

    Have a Designated Book Drop-Off

    If you didn’t send out bookplates with the invitations, another option is to have some pens, glue, and a stack of bookplates next to the book basket.

    See more from this “Books & Bloomers” party from Cookie Mondays.

  • Book-Related Party Favors

    Book-Related Party Favors

    Rather than give your guests a bookmark (that they’ll probably lose), think of a creative and useful book-related favor — like Winnie the Pooh honey. (I also love how this party framed book quotes, which is another great idea.)

    See more ideas from this party at Newlywed{Nest}.

  • Book-Related Games

    Book-Related Games

    Rather than the traditional “guess-which-candy-bar-is-melted-inside-of-this-diaper” game (ick), why not choose a more book-related baby shower game — like this one, which asks guests to decipher classic children’s books.

    See another book-themed baby shower game at Pink Tea.

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