The Best Birthday Tradition


I’m a huge fan of birthdays and want to make each of Beck’s birthdays really special so he loves them too. That doesn’t mean I have to throw a party every year, I just want to make him feel like he’s the king all birthday day long. Yesterday I came across this somewhat simple birthday tradition from Audrey of This Little Street and instantly knew it was something I wanted to implement as well. It would definitely make the birthday kid feel great. Here’s what she does for her two little girls –

Each year she makes a large poster and puts the words, “When she grows up, (name)…” Then she draws speech bubbles for all the party participants to fill in with what they imagine the child will do when they grow up. Audrey even calls friends and family who don’t live close ahead of time to list what they say too. Then she takes a photos of the birthday kid in front of the poster for a perfect momento. Isn’t that so great? The photos would become treasures for the child when they get older.

You can learn more about the posters right here on This Little Street.

Do you have a birthday tradition you love?

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